Thesis Students

This page lists all students currently enrolled to complete a thesis at ECS.

Name Research Interests Supervisor(s)
Arif Ahmed    
Soha Ahmed Bioinfromatics, Mass Spectrometry, Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation Prof.Mengjie Zhang and Dr Lifeng Peng
Aisha Ajmal Active Vision techniques for tracking applications. Dr Christopher Hollitt and Dr Marcus Frean
Daniel Akinyele Distributed Generation, Energy Solutions for Off-grid Applications in Developing Countries, Storage System Application Dr. Ramesh Rayudu and Dr. Nirmal Nair
Harith Al-Sahaf Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Evolutionary Algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks Prof Mengjie Zhang and Dr Mark Johnston
Benjamin Allen    
Isidro Alvarez   Dr Will Browne and Prof Mengjie Zhang
Craig Anderson Beamforming, acoustic noise cancellation, blind source separation, GPGPU programming Dr Paul Teal and Mark Poletti
Vahid Arabnejad Scheduling problems, Parallel Computing , Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems Dr Kris Bubendorfer Dr Bryan Ng
Mashall Aryan Machine Learning, Global Optimization Dr Marcus Frean A/Prof John Lewis
Arindam Bhakta Visual sampling in a dynamic visual scene Dr Christopher Hollitt, Dr Will Browne, and Dr Marcus Frean
Daniel Burmester Nanogrid, microgrid, renewable energy, power electronics Dr Ramesh Rayudu and Prof Winston Seah
Francisco Bustamante Machine Learning, Evolutionary Computation, Computer Security, Software Enginering Dr Ian Welch and Dr Bing Xue
Francisco Bustamante Arriagada    
Kieran Carnegie   Dr Taehyun Rhee
Andrew Chalmers Computer Graphics Dr Taehyun Rhee, A/Prof John Lewis
Ryan Chard High performance scientific computing, cloud computing, network tomography, reputation Dr Kris Bubendorfer and Dr Bryan Ng
Qi Chen Machine Learning; Genetic Programming; Symbolic Regression; Statistical Learning Theory Prof Mengjie Zhang and Dr Bing Xue
Xiu Cheng    
Jong Jin Choi   Dr Taehyun Rhee and A/Prof John Lewis
Kameron Christopher   Dr Ajay Kapur and Prof Dale Carnegie
Kelson Chua Blind Source Separation, Personal Audio, Acoustics Signal Processing, Optimization Prof. Bastiaan Kleijn and Dr. Marcus Frean
Tony Cimino   Prof Dale Carnegie and Prof Winston Seah
Christopher Dean    
Michael Emmanuel    
Muhammad Ghifary Machine Learning, Transfer Learning, Domain Adaptation, Multitask Learning, Representation Learning, Deep Learning, Kernel Methods, Computer Vision Prof Bastiaan Kleijn,Prof Mengjie Zhang
Mohsen Hajsalehi Sichani Content delivery in VANET Dr. Kris Bubendorfer
Mona Hakami Machine Learning, Intelligent Agents, Software Engineering Prof Bastiaan Kleijn, Dr Marcus Frean
Lina Hao    
David Harrison Wireless Sensor Networks, Energy Harvesting Prof Winston Seah, Dr Ramesh Rayudu
Matthew Hayes Traffic Classification, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Prof Winston Seah, Dr Bryan Ng
Jingyin He Sound and Music Computing; Sound, Movement and Meaning; New Interfaces for Musical Expression; Performance Science Dr Ajay Kapur and Prof Dale Carnegie
Thomas Iorns    
Bridget Johnson   Dr Ajay Kapur and Dr Paul Teal
Blake Johnston    
Timothy Jones Programming Language Design, Functional and Object-Oriented Programming, Metaprogramming, Object Capabilities, Type Theory Prof James Noble and Dr David Pearce
Deepak Karunakaran Mathematical Optimization, Scheduling, Evolutionary Computation, Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Mengjie Zhang Dr. Aaron Chen
Abigail Koay Low Intensity DDoS Detection, Information Theory, Machine Learning Dr Ian Welch, Dr Aaron Chen,
Lakshmi Krishnan Acoustic Signal Processing, Convex Optimization Dr Paul Teal, Dr Terence Betlehem
Santosh Kumar Web Spam Detection, Network Security, Machine Learning, Transfer Learning Dr Xiaoying Sharon Gao and Dr Ian Welch
Jeff Lai    
Ruichen Li   Dr Qiang Fu and Andy Linton
Shuang Li    
Yuyu Liang   Prof Mengjie Zhang and Dr Will Browne
Lili Limtrairut   Dr Stuart Marshall
Ping Liu    
Song Tao Liu   Dr Ramesh Rayudu
Jason Long Composition, Electroacoustic Music, Musical Robotics, Analogue Synthesis, Digital Signal Processing, Interactive Musical Systems Dr Dale Carnegie Dr Ajay Kapur Dr Ted Apel
Patrick Lui   Dr Taehyun Rhee and A/Prof John Lewis
Wan-Duo Ma    
Julian Mackay Programming Language Design, Formal Methods, Object Oriented Programming Languages Dr Alex Potanin and Prof Lindsay Groves
Muhammad Mahmood   Prof Winston Seah and Dr Ian Welch
Masood Mansoori Intrusion Detection/Deception systems, Client and Server Honeypots Dr Ian Welch and Dr Qiang Fu
Atiya Masood   Dr. Aaron Chen ,Dr. Yi Mi, Dr. Mengjie Zhang
Farzaneh Masouleh   Dr Ciaran Moore, Dr Paul Teal, Dr Natalie Plank
Mawarny Md Rejab   Prof James Noble and Dr George Allan
Seyed Reza Mir Alavi My area of interest consists of Distributed Processing, Blind Source Separation, Convex Optimization and Inference in Graphical Models. Prof Bastiaan Kleijn, Dr Paul Teal
Saeed Mirghasemi   Dr Ramesh Rayudu and Prof Mengjie Zhang
Jawad Mirza Limited feedback in MIMO wireless communication systems. Dr Pawel Dmochowski and Dr Mansoor Shafi
Lance Molyneaux   Prof. Dale Carnegie
Syed Saud Naqvi Visual Saliency for Generic Object Detection Dr Will Browne and Dr Christopher Hollitt
Callum Neil Massive MIMO, antenna theory, wireless channel modeling, hybrid beamforming Dr Pawel Dmochowski and Dr Mansoor Shafi
Mohammad Nekooei   Dr Aaron Chen and Dr Ramesh Rayudu
Hoai Bach Nguyen    
Hoai Nguyen    
Matthew O'Connor Distributed Processing, Optimization, Beamforming, Blind Source Separation Prof. Bastiaan Kleijn and Prof Thushara Abhayapala (ANU)
Flavio Palmiro Renewable Energy, Off-grid energy models, Small-scale DC microgrids, PV-Biogas energy systems [Dr Rebecca Ford] [Dr Ramesh Rayudu]
Ning (Polly) Pang    
John Park Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling, Genetic Programming, Hyper-Heuristics, Coevolutionary Algorithms, Ensemble Learning Prof. Mengjie Zhang and Dr. Mark Johnston
Yiming Peng    
Rajiv Pratap Communication systems, design optimization, signal processing, signal design Dr Paul Teal
Ying (Gloria) Qu Performance modelling, Routing, Channel assignment , WMNs Dr Bryan Ng,Prof Winston Seah
Eden Rafealov   Dr. Ciaran Moore and Dr. Gideon Gouws
Ibrahim Rahman   Dr Christopher Hollitt and Prof Mengjie Zhang
Najwani Razali Programming language
Yu Ren Underwater sensor networks, underwater acoustic communications, underwater node placement and mobility management, and cognitive radio Prof Winston Seah and Dr Paul Teal
Richard Roberts   A/Prof John Lewis and Dr Rhazes Spell
Callum Robinson    
Saqib Saleem Modeling of Nonlinear Physiological Systems, Nonlinear Regression Analysis, Partial Least Square - Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM) Dr. Paul Teal and Prof Bastiaan Kleijn, Dr Shieak YC Tzeng
Alexandre Sawczuk Da Silva Web service composition, QoS optimisation, evolutionary computation Dr Yi Mei, Dr Hui Ma, Prof Mengjie Zhang
Joshua Scott    
Ahmed Sheik Deeb Image Processing, Active-vision, Embedded Systems and FPGA. Dr. Christopher Hollitt and Dr. Will Browne
Yuanyuan Shen Speech Quality Estimation Prof Bastiaan Kleijn and Dr Marcus Frean
Deepak Singh    
Ihab Sinno Microtechnology, Applied Physics, Material Science, Transducers, MEMS Dr Gideon Gouws; Dr Ciaran Moore
Diana Siwiak flute performance, music pedagogy, music information retrieval, machine learning, music engineering technology, digital signal processing Dr. Ajay Kapur and Dr. Dale Carnegie
Matthew Stevens    
Ryan Sumner    
Allan Tabilog Program logics and verification A/Prof Lindsay Groves and Dr Petra Malik
Harsh Tataria Small Cells and Heterogeneous Cellular Networks, MIMO Systems Dr. Pawel Dmochowski and Dr. Mansoor Shafi
Binh Tran Evolutionary Computation, Feature Selection, Feature Construction, Dimensionality Reduction, Classification, Machine Learning Prof Mengjie Zhang and Dr Bing Xue
Cao Truong Tran Evolutionary computation Prof Mengjie Zhang and Dr Peter Andreae
Huu Truong    
Refik Ustok Cognitive Radio Networks, Interference Alignment, Spectrum Sensing, Multiple Antenna Techniques Dr Pawel Dmochowski
Steven Van Kuyk Human speech recognition, variability in speech perception and production, information theory, signal processing. Prof. Bastiaan Kleijn
Abdul Wahid Clustering Algorithms, Text Clustering, Multi-view Clustering, Clustering hi-dimensional data, Text Mining Dr Xiaoying Gao and Dr Peter Andreae
Ganlong Wang Acoustic Signal Processing, Speech Intelligibility Measurement, Blind Source Separation Prof. Bastiaan Kleijn, Dr. Marcus Frean
Craig Watterson Foucauldian Discourse Analysis, Qualitative Educational Research, Engineering Education Prof Dale Carnegie and Dr Marc Wilson
Henry Williams   Dr Will Browne and Prof Dale Carnegie
Liang Yang    
Hang Yu EM-based Wireless NanoSensor Networks Professor Winston Seah Dr Bryan Ng
Mohammadhossein Zareei Mechatronic Sound-sculpture, Mechatronic Music, Noise Music, Instrument Design Dr Ajay Kapur and Prof Dale Carnegie
Zheming Zhang