James Noble

Prof James Noble

Professor of Computer Science
School of Engineering and Computer Science

Phone: +64 4 463 6736
Fax: +64 4 463 5045
Location: CO234, Cotton Building, Kelburn Campus - Postal Address


Teaching in 2017

SWEN 302 - Agile Methods
Course Lecturer

SWEN 303 - User Interface Design
Course Coordinator

SWEN 423 - Object-Oriented Paradigms
Course Coordinator

I am a Fellow of the Institute of IT Professionals (FIITPNZ), a Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (MACM), the British Computer Society (MBCS), and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (MIEEE). I hold a James Cook Research Fellowship from the Royal Society of New Zealand in 2015 and 2016. I expect to return to teaching and administrative roles in 2017.

Research Interests

My research centres around software design. This includes the design of the users' interface, the parts of software that users have to deal with every day, and the programmers' interface, the internal structures and organisations of software that programmers see only when they are designing, building, or modifying software. My research in both of these areas is coloured by my longstanding interest in object-oriented approaches to design.

Topics I have studied range from aliasing and object ownership, design patterns, agile methodology, via usability, visualisation and computer music, to postmodernism and the semiotics of programming.


For a list of my recent publications, please see the Publications Database, or my research profiles at DBPL and Google Scholar