Yi Mei

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Senior Lecturer School of Engineering and Computer Science

Teaching in 2019



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  • I am looking for PhD/MSc/Honours/Summer Research students in Evolutionary Computation and Machine Learning for Scheduling and Combinatorial Optimisation. If you have the same research interests with me, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Research Interests

My research interests include artificial intelligence, machine learning and evolutionary computation. I'm particularly interested in use evolutionary computation to solve the most challenging problems encountered in the real world such as operations research, supply chain, smart city, scheduling and routing, cloud computing, etc. I am co-leading the strategic direction of evolutionary scheduling and combinatorial optimisation in the Evolutionary Computation Research Group (ECRG). My current research topics include
  • Evolutionary algorithms, memetic algorithms, genetic programming, particle swarm optimisation
  • Evolutionary multi-objective optimisation
  • Evolutionary combinatorial optimisation
  • Evolutionary dynamic optimisation, automatic heuristic design, hyper-heuristic
  • Evolutionary large scale optimisation, cooperative co-evolution
  • Evolutionary machine learning
  • Traveling salesman problem, traveling thief problem
  • Vehicle and arc routing problem, last-mile delivery
  • Job shop scheduling
  • Web service composition
  • Tourist trip planning
Details of my research topics can be found here.


I received the BSc degree in mathematics in 2005 and PhD degree in Computer Science in 2010, from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), Hefei, China. During 2010-2012, I worked as a Provost's Research Associate at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, researching on financial optimization and portfolio selection. During 2012-2015, I was an ARC Discovery Research Fellow at the School of Computer Science and Information Technology, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

Being an early-career researcher I am building a strong track record, including a number of top-notch publications in IEEE and ACM Transactions. I am the PI of a Marsden Fast-Start Fund of New Zealand (Genetic Programming Hyper-heuristics for Uncertain Arc Routing Problem). As the sole investigator, I won the 2nd prize of the Competition at IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence 2014: Optimisation of Problems with Multiple Interdependent Components. I was the recipient of the 2010 Chinese Academy of Sciences Dean’s Award (top 200 postgraduates all over China) and the 2009 IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) Postgraduate Summer Research Grant (three to four recipients all over the world). I was ranked top 10% of the unsuccessful applications (near-miss) in ARC DECRA rounds 2014 and 2015, which is the most prestigious and competitive national research grant for early-career researchers.

I serves as a Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Bio-Inspired Computation. I serves as a Vice Chair of IEEE CIS Emergent Technologies Technical Committee. I was the Co-chair of Special Session on Evolutionary Scheduling and Combinatorial Optimization, IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence 2016 and 2018, IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2017, and the 2013 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Production and Logistics Systems, IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence. I am a member of IEEE CIS Intelligent Systems Applications Technical Committee, IEEE ECTC Task Force on Evolutionary Scheduling and Combinatorial Optimisation and IEEE CIS Task Force on EC for Feature Selection and Construction, and a variety of international conferences. I am a reviewer of more than 20 international journals.