ECS System Status

Current Issues

8/7/2018: Re: gitlab, somes and ward down

All systems are now back.

7/7/2018: gitlab, somes and ward down

gitlab, somes and ward are currently down due to issues during an ITS DR test.  They will be back as soon as possible.

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Upgrades and Changes

17/2/2018: Linux system update

All school linux systems are in the process of being updated to a new image.

Among the more visible changes are:

  Desktop environment updated to Plasma 5

  CUDA libraries updated to v9.1

  Default python switched to version 3.6  (If you want to run python 2.7 you can by invoking as python2, or python2.7 , or if you want to switch your personal python default back to 2.7 you can with the command "/usr/pkg/sbin/pkg_alternatives manual python27"

As always, if you have any issues please report them to

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