Computer Science Graduate Project Selection

Choosing a project

This page describes how to choose a project for any of the following courses:

Process outline

The procedure to allocate students to projects is as follows:
  1. staff members produce project descriptions - this generally happens over the summer months.
  2. students indicate which projects they would prefer to do - you can do this any time. We don't run a "first-in first-served" system, so there is no strong pressure to make your selection a long way ahead of time. However we do require that you make your selections before lectures start, or very soon after.
  3. students are allocated to projects - this happens in the first two weeks on lectures in T1.

Note that the information here consists of brief sketches of project ideas only: it is a very good idea to talk to your potential supervisor in person, once you know you might be interested in a particular topic. They will fill you in on the details, and you can discuss how the project might suit (or not) your particular strengths and interests.

Process details

If you already have an ECS (Engineering and Computer Science) account set up then you should select the projects you are interested in. If you have enrolled more than a week ago but you have not set up your account yet you should either go to a lab machine and login using "register" (see lab walls for details) or you should go and register your account now. Once you have done that you should select the projects you are interested in.

If you have recently enrolled and the register process doesn't work you can still select projects you are interested in. This will store your choices without requiring an account.

If you have any technical problems selecting projects you should email with the details of your problem. For any other questions relating to projects you should contact the project sponsor or the co-ordinator for the particular project course (click on one of the courses at the top of this page).