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Official Victoria University of Wellington Media Releases and Publications about Elvis Research.

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Vacancy (x2) Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering

16 May 2012 - 14:23 in Administrative

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering (2 positions) (A093-12Q)

School of Engineering & Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering

Two opportunities exist to join one of New Zealand's top software engineering groups and to contribute to Victoria's young engineering programme.

More information here:

StuartMarshall presented Don't Mention the 'A' Word: Agile Undercover at the Agile Conference, August 2009
SivaDorairaj attended the Agile Conference, August 2009
DianeStrode from SIM gave her PhD proposal seminar on Coordination in Agile Software Development Projects, August 2009
CraigAnslow visited Unlimited Realities who have developed Fingertapps multi-touch software and gave a seminar at Massey University on his PhD research, July 2009
JamesNoble attended a Dagstuhl Seminar on Typing, Analysis and Verification of Heap-Manipulating Program, July 2009
RashinaHoda featured in the list of Victoria's Top Scholars of 2008-2009, The Dominion Post, July 2009
Game helps kids kick the habit, Rilla Khaled's PhD research, July 2009
VipulDelwadia is user testing his RemoteME application for playing mobile games over a server, July 2009
StephenNelson started an internship with Google in Munich, July 2009
StephenNelson, PaleyLi, and NicholasCameron attended ECOOP, July 2009
SimonDoherty successfully defended his PhD, June 2009
VipulDelwadia gave a really good demo about his playing mobile games over a server research at the Elvis meeting, June 2009
DavidPearce is back from his sabbatical, June 2009
Nicholas Erdody gave a talk at our meeting on the Open Source Learning Lab, June 2009
AlexPotanin (Ownerhship and Immutability), VipulDelwadia (Remotely controlled applications and games on mobile phones), PetraMalik (COMP 200 Adventure Games in Java), and CraigAnslow (Visualising Java Software) demoed some of their research and teaching at the School Meet and Greet Industry Event, June 2009
AngelaMartin gave a school seminar on Programmers are from Mars, Customers are from Venus: A Practical Guide to Working with Customers on Agile Projects, May 2009
RillaKhaled, PippinBarr, and AngelaMartin are all graduated with PhDs on 20 May 2009
AndrewWalbran, EstherNg, and JeremyShipman graduated with Honours and Andrew was awarded the University Academic Medal for Excellence on 20 May 2009
RashinaHoda, KeithCassell and CraigAnslow attended NZCSRSC in Auckland, April 2009
NicholasCameron attended ESOP in York, England to present his paper Existential Quantification for Variant Ownership, April 2009
NedHorvath talked about "Agile Estimation and Planning" at the Agile Professionals Network, 23 March 2009
CraigAnslow talked about "Using Vision to Think with Web Based Information Visualization Tools" at the Wellington Java Users Group, 18 March 2009
NealGlew from Intel Research visited from 2 March - 6 March 2009
MarkMoir from Sun Microsystems donates a Niagara 2 machine which provides 64 concurrent threads (8 cores, each with 8 concurrent threads) to support teaching of concurrent programming, March 2009
Elvis moves into new offices on level 2 of Cotton Building, March 2009
NicholasCameron begins his two year post-doc in Elvis working with JamesNoble, Feb 2009
DavidPearce begins sabbatical at Imperial College, Feb 2009
Members of Elvis helped organise the ACSW 2009 conference, Jan 2009
Professor JamesNoble Awarded 'Most Influential Paper' at OOPSLA, Nov 2008
Members of Elvis went to Graceland, Oct 2008
ChrisLewis left ECS to go to grad school at UCSC, May 2008
ElvisBrain switched over to Twiki, May 2008