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The pages pointed from this page will be continually updated with information as it comes to hand. If you find errors or want to make comments on the content, email me, Pavle.Mogin@ecs.vuw.ac.nz

Recent Announcements

  • (01.07.2017) Assignment 5 marks are on-line.
  • (21.06.2017) Assignment 5 Model Solution is on-line.
  • (06.06.2017) Assignment 4 Model Solution is on-line.
  • (04.06.2017) Assignment 4 marks are on-line.
  • (30.05.2017) Assignment 5 is on line.
  • (25.05.2017) Assignment 3 marks and Model Solution are on-line.
  • (15.05.2017) Since many students requested postponing of the essay due date, here are the due dates of remaining assessment items:
    • Assignment 4, 26.05.2017,
    • Essay, 06.06.2017, and
    • Assignment 5, 11.06.2017.

  • (15.05.2017) Assignment 2 Model Solution are on-line.
  • (14.05.2017) Assignment 2 marks are on-line.
  • (14.05.2017) Assignment 4 is on line.
  • (08.05.2017) SWEN432 exam is on 23.06.2017. at 9:30am in HULT220.
  • (05.05.2017) Assignment 3 is due date is 15.05.2017.
  • (04.05.2017) Assignment 3 is on-line. Have a look at the Assignments page.
  • (30.04.2017) Comments on Assignment 1 is on-line. Have a look at Model Solutions part of the Assignments page.
  • (26.04.2017) Assignment 1 model solution is on-line.
  • (25.04.2017) Assignment 1 marks are on-line. Have a look at Marks so Far page. Assignment 1 model solution will follow soon.
  • (30.03.2017.) Assignment 1: a useful assumption. There are no services having the same departure time from a service departure station. Also note, service departure stations are say: Wellington, Upper Hutt, Waikanae, ... But Waterloo, Petone, Naenae,... are not, because no service starts from say Waterloo.
  • (30.03.2017.) Assignment 1: a correction. In Sample Data section, in the table Data Points, the name of the second column should be longitude, and the name of the third column should be latitude. Pavle is very sorry if this made any inconvenience to anybody.
  • (23.03.2017.) Assignment 1 is on line. Have a look at course Assignments page.
  • (13.03.2017.) You may find the spare lecture notes in the SWEN432 Hand-Out Box that is located in the second floor corridor of the Cotton Building.
  • (07.03.2017.) Adrian Songbo Wu is SWEN432/2017 class representative. Thank you Adrian for accepting the role of our class representative. Adrian is happy to be contacted via his email: wusong3@myvuw.ac.nz, or even via his mobile phone: 022 467 3882 if necessary.
  • (03.03.2017.) SWEN432/2017 lectures are on Monday, Wednesday, Friday 09:00 to 09:50 am in EA120.
  • (28.02.2017.) Welcome to SWEN432/2017. Hope you will like it.