SWEN 325 (2019) - Assignments

Group Work

IMPORTANT NOTE: In this course you are allowed to work either individually or in groups of 2 or 3 people. These arrangements are to be finalised in the first week (when the Team Signup is due) and in the second week as part of the AppDescription submission (due on Wednesday of Week 2) and you will be expected to stay in the same groups of 1, 2, or 3 people for both Assignment1 and Assignment2. Note that Assignment3 is going to be individually based.

The idea is that each individual in the group is going to be expected to implement at least a certain number of "screens" and write code to utilise a certain number of "components" so that the marks are going to be assigned individually except for the AppDescription.

In Person Marking for Demo and Code

All of the 3 assignments will be marked in person. Note that all the marking slots are individual even for those working in teams to enable each of you to show your own understanding of the code and UX decisions. The marking sessions will be confirmed closer to the time and you will need to sign up and attend these to get marked. The expected time frame for Assignment 1 is 12 August - 25 August 2019 (week 6 and the first week of the mid trimester break), for Assignment 2 is 23 September - 6 October 2019 (weeks 10 and 11), and for Assignment 3 is 14 October - 27 October (two weeks immediately following last week of term).


Assignment Developed By Due Weight
App Description: One Page Description of the App you Aim to Develop in Assignments 1 and 2 Alex Potanin 17 July 2019 3%
Assignment 1: App in Ionic with Demo and Reflective Report Alex Potanin Demo and Code: 11 August 2019
Report: 18 August 2019
Assignment 2: The Same App in React Native with Demo and Reflective Report Alex Potanin Demo and Code: 22 September 2019
Report: 29 September 2019
Assignment 3: IoT Alvin Valera Demo and Code: 11 October 2019
Report: 23 October 2019