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14/9/2017: Re: Accouncements

Hi all,

Project 1 has been marked. You can see your marks in the submission system. Comments and feedback can be found on hard copies, which can be picked up tomorrow from the office. The office people need some time to sort them out.



1/9/2017: Re: Accouncements

Dear class,

As requested by some students, to help you with Assignment 2 we will run a Help Desk at 11am on Tuesday, 5 September in CO238. Alex will be there to help you.

Also, slides on cost-based query optimisation have been uploaded by Yi to the course websit:


Best regards,

23/8/2017: Re: Accouncements

Dear class,

As requested by many students I will spend some time in tomorrow 's tutorial to do some exercises on relational algebra and heuristic query optimisation.

Hope to see you there,

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