SWEN 222 (2017) - Software Design

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Welcome to SWEN222! This course looks at the problem of designing object-oriented software. The Java Programming Language is used as a vehicle for this, but the underlying principles apply to most modern object-oriented languages. We will consider a range of techniques for designing and developing large-scale systems, including design patterns and design-by contract.

During the course, your design skills will be tested through a range of interesting and enjoyable labs and assignments, and you should soon find yourself asking questions about what is, and is not, good design. In particular, the course culminates in an exciting and fun project which will see you working together in teams on a large graphical adventure game. I hope that you enjoy this course and get as much out of it as possible. I also encourage you to read the Course Outline where you can find information on what's really involved. . Finally, if you have any questions or difficulties during the course, please free to come by my office (CO258) for a chat.


  • Course Outline - The official course requirements document. You are strongly encouraged to read this

  • Lecture Schedule - Who, What, Where and When: Lectures, Labs, Assignments, Tests, etc.

  • Forum - A discussion forum for questions/comments on the course material

  • Exam Archive - Note: this is an archive of exams for the old COMP205/ENGR202 course. Some material from COMP205 is not covered in SWEN222, and vice-versa.


13/7/2017: Announcements

Welcome to SWEN 222, 2017 Trimester 2.

Lectures are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, at 11 am.

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