SWEN131 (2019) - Programming for Software Development


This course is the primary entry point for graduate students wishing to enter the Master of Software Development programme within the Wellington ICT Graduate School. Students will learn to design, read, write and debug small programs while using standard programming tools. The course will be taught as an intensive full time 5 week block course.

Course learning objectives

Students who pass this course should be able to:

  1. use the basic terminology of computer programming
  2. read, write, compile and debug small programs in the Java language
  3. use and understand different data types in a computer program
  4. design programs involving decision structures, loops and functions
  5. use and understand basic object-oriented principles and techniques
  6. use programming tools such as an integrated development environment (IDE), debugger, and code repository
  7. work effectively in groups to construct software

Withdrawal from Course

Withdrawal dates and process:


Michael Homer (Coordinator)

Teaching Format

This is a full time block course.

Student feedback

Student feedback on University courses may be found at:  www.cad.vuw.ac.nz/feedback/feedback_display.php

Dates (trimester, teaching & break dates)

  • Teaching: 20 May 2019 - 23 June 2019

Class Times and Room Numbers


There are no required texts for this offering.

Mandatory Course Requirements

There are no mandatory course requirements for this course.

If you believe that exceptional circumstances may prevent you from meeting the mandatory course requirements, contact the Course Coordinator for advice as soon as possible.


Assessment ItemDue Date or Test DateCLO(s)Percentage
Group oriented programming projectCLO: 1,2,3,4,5,6,725%
Three individual programming projects, each worth 25%.CLO: 1,2,3,4,5,675%


Assessments will generally be in-class and due on the day, and will not be accepted afterwards without special arrangement. For any items to be submitted outside of class time late penalties will apply: any assignment submitted up to 24 hours after the deadline will be penalised by 20%, and any assignment submitted between 24 and 48 hours after the deadline will be penalised by 40%. Any assignment submitted 48 hours or more after the deadline will not be marked and will get 0 marks.


Individual extensions will only be granted in exceptional personal circumstances, and should be negotiated with the course coordinator before the deadline whenever possible. Documentation (eg, medical certificate) may be required.

Submission & Return

Work will be submitted via the ECS submission system (https://apps.ecs.vuw.ac.nz/submit/SWEN131). Work submitted via the online system will be returned electronically once marked.


SWEN 131 is a full-time intensive course. You should expect to be on-site from 10am each teaching day. If you are unable to attend a teaching day, contact the lecturer or course coordinator as soon as possible.

Teaching Plan

See https://ecs.victoria.ac.nz/Courses/SWEN131_2019T1/LectureSchedule

Communication of Additional Information

All online material for this course can be accessed at https://ecs.victoria.ac.nz/Courses/SWEN131_2019T1/

Offering CRN: 28443

Points: 15
Prerequisites: Applied for MSwDev;
Restrictions: COMP 102, 103, 112
Duration: 20 May 2019 - 23 June 2019
Starts: Trimester block dates
Campus: Kelburn