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NWEN 404: 2019 Trimester 1

Welcome to the Mobile Computing course. I hope to make this an interesting, challenging and thought-provoking experience for you. As this is a senior level course, you are expected to do significant self-study and reading beyond what is discussed during lectures.

For this course, we will look at the fundamental technologies in mobile computing, focusing on the mobility management function. Both the paradigms of user and device mobility are explored. The emphasis will be on the network and transport layers of wireless communication protocols and network structures suitable for mobile personal systems (e.g., GSM, 3G, Mobile IP, etc.). Issues relating to how applications handle node mobility and wireless communications will also be discussed. We will also cover state-of-the-art topics related to mobile computing that are discussed in the latest research publications. You are therefore expected to be familiar with networking concepts like the Internet Protocol, routing, switching, medium access control, etc., namely, topics covered in NWEN302 Computer Network Design which is a pre-requisite of this course.

Please refer to the Course Outline (left menu bar) for details on the objectives and other matters. Assignments, reading lists, etc are available on this Wiki page.

Besides the usual lectures and tutorials, you are welcome to come and discuss course-related matters with me. There is also a course forum for discussion.

All assignments/projects will be submitted using the submission system.

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