Project Management - Projects

Projects for ENGR 301 Trimester 1

Project Type Client Affiliation Brief Description
Project 1 Software Campus Services Kelburn Automated Car Parking System
Project 2 Software & Hardware Robinson Research Institute Hot... again! Build a personal health monitoring system
Project 3 Software Robinson Research Institute Lock-in processing of IR camera video
Project 4 Software Information Technology Services Connected Worlds: Network Visualisation for VUW and Beyond
Project 5 Software School of Education Designing Modern Learning Environments for Classroom Experience  
Project 6 Software School of Chemical and Physical Sciences molAR- Chemical Visualization App  
Project 7 Software Beca Ltd (Beca) Visualising Our Transport Networks
Project 8 Software Hursley Ltd (HursleyHub) Hubscope - Develop adapters for new products and markets for Hubscope
Project 9 Software GNS Science (GNS) Central Earthquake Source Provider
Project 10 Software GNS Science (GNS) ShakeMap concept study
Project 11 Hardware School of Psychology You are not alone - social housing for rats
Project 12 Hardware & Software I-Guard Ltd Wireless Networking of High-risk Training Props
Project 13 Hardware & Software School of Biological Sciences Underwater Data Logger - a new device for environmental monitoring
Project 14 Hardware & Software New Zealand Red Cross Low-Cost Tsunami Early Warning System Development
Project 15 Software Engineering New Zealand Mentor :: Me Digital Solution - Facilitate Engineering New Zealand's mentoring programme
Project 16 Software RedR Australia A disaster simulation program for training of workers for humanitarian deployment
Project 17 Software ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited Create a game-like experience (gamification) of learning and development for ANZ technology employees
Project 18 Software University of Otago (Wellington) An Open Platform for the Measurement of Rapid Eye Movements
Project 19 Software ZX Security Ltd Open Source software package for the proxmark3 UHF RFID