Project Management - Project Recruitment

ENGR 301: 2019 Trimester 1


Milestone ENGR 301 Students ENGR 401 Students Date/Deadline
Project applications open Online   Tuesday 5 March
Selection Panels Formed   During the lecture Wednesday 6 March
Meet the clients Alan MacDiarmid AM102 and AM104 Wednesday 6 March, 17:00-18:00
Project application deadline Apply online   Wednesday 6 March, 24:00
Panels receive applications   Online Thursday 7 March
Preliminary interview rankings   Rank online Friday 8 March, 15:00
Student IP and Confidentiality Agreements Submit online   Monday 11 March, 10:00
Final interview rankings   Rank online Monday 11 March, 15:00
Interview Schedule Announced Online Monday 11 March
Interview Schedule Confirmed Online Tuesday 12 March
Project Interviews Alan MacDiarmid AM101 and AM102 Tuesday 12 March, 17:00-18:00
Applicant final preference ranking Rank online   Wednesday 13 March, 15:00
Panel final preference ranking   Rank online Wednesday 13 March, 15:00
Project Teams Announced Thursday 15 March

Project Assignments

Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Project 4 Project 5 Project 6
Benjamin Secker Jeremy Legg Lana Cleverley Victor Ong Devon Kennedy Jake Wellington
Chansocheat Chheang Ryan Turner Emma Tonks Raven Gotz-Tier Christian Lee Jack Hazlehurst
Luke Honiss Henry Bai Mathias Ronimus Alexander Lee Abigail Lieshout Simon Pritchard
Curtis Blackman Yu Li Callum Stewart Geordie Rogers Sarah Hercock Jordan Oldridge
Samuel Douglas Rovin Dcruz Warren Whelan Angitha Ramesh Xingchen Wang Dylan Thomson
  Mayuri Ninave        
  Shameera Mohamed Abbas        

Project 7 Project 8 Project 9 Project 10 Project 11 Project 12
Doris Tam Deanne Alabastro Nevin Jojo Shivaash Chand Jonathan Riepen Vishal Ramanlal
Lavanya Sajwan Lucas Westenra Philip Oliver Mahesh Saily Jolon Behrent Jeremy Mechen
Nathan Dunning Kevin Hoong Charlotte Gimblett Hannah Pachoud Timothy Loretto Daniel Armstrong
Tsz Au Francesco Gorini Muchengeti Matinde Duane Alcala Angus Spencer Keshav Raj
Aatharsh Vijaya Sugumar Jericho Jackson Sion Grabham-Madden Tawera Manaena Christian Berrett Yunfei Zhao
          Vikas Tyagi

Project 13 Project 14 Project 15 Project 16 Project 17 Project 18 Project 19
Daniel Dowden Tom Clark Joshua de Reeper Riley Grice Jonah Ease Mohammed Saiyad Robert Sanderson
George Hares Jordan Smith Te Wainui Witika-Park Lachlan Keene Kian Foulkes Raphael Namay Jacob Wolstenholme
Daniel Satur Matthew Lynch James Del Puerto Tom Buurmans Olivia Morrison Niranjan De Silva James Matheson
Angus Harrison Thomas Berg Annisha Akosah Daniel Miller Sherif Riad Te Rahui Tunua Hayden Dyne
Blessy Roy Jasper Kueppers Armaan Chandra Nathan Ellison Beilei Zhang Caleb Buchanan Patrick Davy
Joseph Jones Audrey Chan       Dylan Ewens Benjamin Marshall
          Benjamin Curran Celine Jane

Project Recruitment

Project Applications

Please complete the Project Application Template (docx) to apply. Please also:
  • use only this template for project applications,
  • submit your Project Application in PDF format,
  • observe the 1-page limit.

Your project application will be provided to selection panels composed of 4th-year Engineering students for the purposes of matching you to a project. You are requested to not include any personal, confidential or sensitive information in your project application.

Project applications are due for submission by the deadline shown in the Project Recruitment Schedule, above, through the Submission system item Project Applications.

Project Rankings

Please use the ENGR 301 Project Selection page to rank all of the available projects in order of preference. Note: You must login with your ECS credentials to avoid receiving an "Access to the requested page has been denied" error on this page.

Your preference ranking will be used to match you to the best panel for interviews and for the final match to a project. There will be two opportunities to rank your project preferences:
  1. on project application, and
  2. after the interview and prior to the final match.

Project Interview Schedule

Project interviews have concluded, thank you for your participation in the interview session.

Interview Format

There are 12 interviews in the hour, with each interview being a maximum of 4 minutes only. The interview format is the standard "question and answer" between panels and applicants. Please Note: It is the responsibility of the selection panels to keep to time.

Interview Questions

The selection panels are required to ask at least one question from the following "standard" interview questions:
  • What do you think the biggest challenge of this project would be?
  • Please tell us where in this project you would like to see innovation happening?
  • What are the single most significant technical and non-technical attributes you would bring to the project?
  • What would you do if you have a member who is not participating?
  • What experience have you had with miscommunication with someone else? How did you solve the problem?
  • Please give an example of when you took initiative in a group project.
Please Note: these questions are subject to minor amendment or expansion.

Student Agreements

All students are requested to sign a Student Agreement with the University: ENGR 301 Student Agreement (PDF). This agreement is based on the template provided as Appendix B of the University's Intellectual Property Policy (PDF). Any student with questions or concerns about signing the Student Agreement should feel free to discuss them with the Course Coordinator. You may read about the University's processes and policies on Intellectual Property at (requires login).

The deadline for submitting signed agreements is shown in the Project Recruitment Schedule, above. The process is:

  1. Sign by hand a printed or electronic copy of the last page of the ENGR 301 Student Agreement (PDF), in front of a witness, to indicate your acceptance of the whole agreement. Anyone can be a witness, there are no formal requirements. Witnesses then sign by hand and date the agreement.
  2. Scan (if signing a printed copy) the signed, witnessed and dated Student Agreement, using any of the scanner/copier units in the Library to send the scan by email to yourself.
    Scans must be:
    • Black & White
    • 300 dpi
    • PDF
  3. Submit through the IP Agreement submission item. Only PDF files will be accepted. Agreements must be submitted through the Submission system item IP Agreement.

Note: You are invited to seek independent advice concerning the specific terms of this agreement.

Industry Client Agreements

Clients external to the University sign a collaboration agreement, which references the Student Agreements and sets out the terms of the collaboration on the ENGR 301/302 group project. For reference please see the ENGR 301/302 Project Industry Collaboration Agreement Blank Template (PDF).