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Welcome to the home pages for ENGR 123: Engineering Mathematics with Logic and Statistics.


Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1 (11/11-15/11)

Lecture 1 HM002

Lecture 2 Lab 1 CO238/243 Lecture 3 Tutorial 1 CO118/9
2 (18/11-22/11)

Lecture 4

Assignments L1 and S1 due

Lecture 5 Lab 2 Lecture 6 Tutorial 2
3 (25/11-29/11)

Lecture 7

Assignments L2 and S2 due

Lecture 8 Lab 3 Lecture 9 Tutorial 3
4 (2/12-6/12)

Lecture 10

Assignments L3 and S3 due

Lecture 11


(2 hours)

Lecture 12 Tutorial 4
5 (9/12-13/12)

Lecture 13

Lecture 14 Lab 4 Lecture 15

Tutorial 5

Assignments L4 and S4 due

6 (16/12-18/12)

Lecture 16 (final)

Revision Lecture


(2 hours)


All lectures, labs, tutorials and tests are held from 10am-11.50am. Lectures and tests are held in HM002. Labs are held in CO238 and CO243. Tutorials are held in CO118 and CO119. Lecture content is generally Logic on Mondays 10-12 and Tuesdays 10-11, Statistics on Tuesdays 11-12 and Thursdays 10-12.

The eight assignments are all due at 4pm on the relevant days. Four assignments are on Logic (L), four assignments are on Statistics (S). Reviewing your marked assignments is the best way for you to get FEEDBACK on how you are doing in the course.

Helpdesks (focussed on the assignments, both Logic and Statistics) will be held on Fridays and Mondays from 12pm-12.50pm in CO119, starting Fri Nov 15. We will run two additional helpdesks on Tuesday December 3rd from 12-12.50 and on Monday December 16th from 1.10-2.00.


Announcements during the course will be made via the blackboard announcement system to your myvuw email address

People/Staff Contact

The Course Coordinator is Prof Peter Smith. Emma Greenbank is lecturing the Logic part of the course and David Cox is lecturing the Statistics part. Both parts will be taught for the full six weeks of the course. The Logic lectures will be 10am-11.50am on Mondays and 10am-10.50am on Tuesdays; Statistics lectures will be 11am-11.50am on Tuesdays and 10am-11.50am on Thursdays. All lectures held in Hugh Mackenzie Lecture Theatre 002.

You can contact Emma or David with content or admin questions on emma.greenbank@vuw.ac.nz or david.cox@vuw.ac.nz or talk to us after lectures. You can also come and find us on the 5th floor of Cotton (south end), Emma's office is CO548 and David's is CO537.

Tutorials will be held on Fridays from 10am-11.50am in Cotton 118 and 119 - tutorials on Logic 10am-10.50am; tuts on Statistics 11am-11.50am.

Dr Howard Lukefahr is in charge of the labs, their supervision, report marking, and the lab content for this course. Howard may also offer special tutorials aimed at giving you extra help in this course. He is available to students most times. There is a schedule on his door showing where he can be found pretty much all the time.

The tutors for Logic are Jasmine Hall and Meenu Jose. The tutors for Stats are Kenny Graham and Mirza Wasim. The tutors will run both the tutorials on Fridays and the extra helpdesks. The lab demonstrators are August Bolter, Raphael Namay and Jordan Simmons.

Class Representative

Your Class Representative for this course is Chris Keegan. Thank you for volunteering big grin

Chris has also set up a Facebook page: Logic&Stats T3_2019


Extra Help

Helpdesks (focussed on the assignments, Logic and Statistics parts) will be held on Fridays and Mondays from 12pm-12.50pm in CO119, starting Fri Nov 15. We will run two additional helpdesks on Tuesday December 3rd from 12-12.50 and on Monday December 16th from 1.10-2.00.

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes will be put here

Assignments and Tutorials and Answers

Please click for Assignments and Tutorial Questions, and model answers.

Test One

There will be two tests. Test One is held in HM002 on Wednesday December 4th from 10am-12pm. Test One is worth 20% of your final mark and will cover both Logic and Statistics.

Revision examples for Test One

For the Logic part of the course I would suggest studying the assignment and tutorial questions (remember to also learn definitions from the notes).

Here are some revision questions for you to try:

Test Two

Test Two is held in HM002 on Wednesday December 18 from 10am-12pm. Test Two is worth 40% of your final mark and will cover both Logic and Statistics. This test takes the place of the final exam.

Revision examples for Test Two

Previous Exams

Past exam papers are found on the library page: Go to this page and EXAM PAPERS is an option at the top. Click and search for ENGR123. You'll find exam papers since 2015.



There is no textbook for Engr 123.

Detailed lecture notes are posted under Lecture Notes


To expand on the official assessment notes in the Course Outline, here is how your percentage mark is calculated, on which your final grade is based:

Assignments 20%, Labs 20%, Test One 20%, Test Two 40%.

Tests One and Two will each be made up of an equal value of Logic and Statistics questions.

  • there are eight assignments (due 4pm on 18/11, 25/11, 2/12 and 13/12)
  • four assignments are on Logic, four assignments are on Statistics
  • if you get 40% or more of an assignment correct, you will be awarded full marks for that assignment (3.33%)
  • if you get less than 40% correct, you will be awared a pro rata proportion of the full marks eg if someone gets 30%, they would receive 0.75*3.33; 20% correct would receive 0.5*3.33 etc
  • your best 6 assignments will count towards your final mark
  • it is in your best interests to complete all 8 assignments, this will help you understand the material for the tests and also give you the best chance of achieving the full 20% value of the assignments.

Videos Of Lectures

We record all lectures to video. To see videos of lectures, please follow the blackboard link in the menu to the left.


This schedule describes what we plan to cover during lectures in ENGR123.


The link to the student engineering Discord chat page will appear below
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