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Welcome to the home pages for ENGR 121: Engineering Mathematics Foundations.


Test 2 is on Friday 20th September in class. This will cover integration and differentiation. The week of the test the Tuesday lecture will be cancelled. On Monday we will finish off integration if needed and go over some practice questions. On Wednesday we will do more revision.

Our policy in ENGR121 on showing working in assignments, Tests, and the Exam, is that it is always a good idea to show working. Some questions will explicitly ask you to show working, and in that case you will need to show your working to get full marks. If working is not asked for, you can get full marks for a correct answer even if there is no working shown. An incorrect answer with no working shown cannot attract any marks; this is the danger of not showing your working

Tutorial signups will be available here.

Lab signups will also be available on MyAllocator. Labs start on the week of 15 July and are held in CO-219/238. Please go to either room.

The lectures are captured on video. Go to Blackboard to view them.

Older announcements will go here.


Prof Mark McGuinness is the Course Coordinator.

Dr Howard Lukefahr is lecturing the first six weeks.

Susan Jowett is lecturing the last six weeks.

Dr Steven Archer is the Senior Tutor in charge of things administrative like assignments and tutorials and marking.

Dr Howard Lukefahr is in charge of the labs, their supervision, report marking, and the lab content for this course.

The names of your tutors and lab demonstrators will appear shortly.

Class Representative

Chris Yee (see Forum or BlackBoard for details)


Here is a link to an online resource called Discord that provides an alternative to Facebook for ENGR121 students to text or chat with other ENGR students, many of whom are doing or have done ENGR121. Yes, it is oriented towards gamers but it is free and it probably hooks into the right community of students. Thanks to Matthew for suggesting this.

Extra Help

Howard Lukefahr has started special tutorial sessions suitable for ENGR121 students who are having trouble with their mathematics, lecture material, tutorials, or assignments. Every Monday and Wednesday, 5pm to 8pm, in AM106.

There will be a mathematics Help Desk up here soon.

The office hours of math and statistics academics are listed here.

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes will be put here

Assignments and Tutorials and Answers

Please click for Assignments and Tuts, and model answers.


Two Tests will be given, each one held during a lecture time. Each Test is worth 10% towards your final grade. If you do better in the final exam, the Test will not be counted, and the exam will be worth 10% more (maximum mark).

Test One

Test One will be held at 9 August during class time. It will cover all lectured material and lecture notes up to and including page 35 of the notes, solving quadratic and cubic polynomials. This includes also material covered in Tuts and Assignments 1-3.

This formula sheet will be provided with the Test and with the Exam. It has been updated to include the names of sets of numbers.

Examples of Test One

Test Two

Test Two will be held on 20 September in during class time. See the 2018 test which shows the formula sheet you will be given with the test. There will be one question on differentiation and one question on integration. These will be evenly weighted. There will be no question on vectors. The formula sheet gives a table of derivatives and integrals. It also gives the rules for: integration by parts, the product rule, the quotient rule, the chain rule. You will need to know how to apply all these rules.

Final Exam

You must be available to sit the final two-hour exam during the exam period at the end of Trimester One. Note that the exam is two hours long this year, whereas in all previous years it was three hours long.

This formula sheet will be provided with the Test and with the Exam. It has been updated to include the names of sets of numbers.

Previous Exams

Past exam papers are found on the library page: Go this page and EXAM PAPERS is an option at the top. Click and search for ENGR121. You'll find exam papers since 2014.


Here are some past exams and some model answers. Note that these past exams were three hours long, so they are bigger and longer than the exam will be this year.


The textbook for ENGR 121 is: Engineering Mathematics: A Foundation for Electronic, Electrical, Communications and Sytems Engineers (4th Edition), by Anthony Croft, Robert Davison, Martin Hargreaves and James Flint, Pearson, 2012. We follow this book very closely, and it is also the text for ENGR 122 Engineering Mathematics with Calculus, so it will be very useful. It costs about $144 at Vic Books. It is recommended, not required, since the lecture notes are so detailed.

Also recommended, but not required, is Engineering Mathematics, by K.A. Stroud, with Dexter J. Booth, Palgrave MacMillan, London. About $133 at Vic Books.

Detailed lecture notes will also be posted on the course homepages from week to week.


To expand on the official assessment notes in the Course Outline, here is how your percentage mark is calculated, on which your final grade is based:

Assignments 10%, Labs 20%, Tests 10% each for a total of 20%, exam 50%.

If you do poorly on your assignments, we count 60% for the final exam and we don't count the assignment mark. If you do poorly on a Test, similarly we don't count it, adding 10% to the final exam maximum count (by rescaling it).

Labs always count for a total of up to 20%, no matter how low the mark. There will be four labs.

In fact, we add up a variety of possible marks, e.g. (10% ass, 10% T1, 10% T2, 50% exam), and (0% ass, 10% T1, 10% T2, 60% exam), and (0% ass, 0% T1, 10% T2, 70% exam), and (0% ass, 0% T2, 10% T1, 70% exam), and (0% ass, 0% T1, 0% T2, 80% exam), and we give you the maximum of the resulting set of marks, and then we add your total Lab mark, for an overall total %. Note that Lab marks always count.

As a consequence of this, you cannot lose by sitting a Test, you can only gain marks, since a poor mark winds up not being counted towards your final grade.

By the way, you can miss two assignments without penalty on the 10% that they attract towards the final grade. There will possibly be just 8 assignments on offer this year; if so then 6 satisfactory ones would get you the full 10% available.

To be satisfactory, an assignment gets a mark of 40% or more, and is on time.

If you miss more than two, the 10% is apportioned; eg doing three (out of six) satisfactory assignments would get 5% towards the final grade, half of the 10% available. Any assignments which are unsatisfactory due to having less than 40% will (if you need them) get a proportion of the full mark they would have got otherwise.

Videos Of Lectures

We record all lectures to video. To see videos of lectures, please go to Blackboard, select ENGR121, then select Vstream Videos on the top left-hand panel.


This schedule describes what we plan to cover during lectures in ENGR121.

Help Desk

The Mathematics Help Desk is a good place to come and ask questions if you are having trouble understanding tutorial and/or assignment questions, or material covered in lectures or in your extended reading. You are welcome here any time.

Dr Howard Lukefahr is running a Workshop every Monday and Wednesday evening, 5-8pm in AM106 for all ENGR students.

Extra Help from Student Support

There is more help available from Vic's Student Support. They will help you with ENGR121, and they can also help advise on study habits and how to pass courses. Take a look at their website:


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