COMP 261 (2019) - Timetable

NB! The ExtraHelpDesk are in the weeks when the assignments are due.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9-9:50am   Tutorial (FT83/203, Connor)      
11-11:50am Lecture (SUMT228) Lecture (SUMT228)     Lecture (HMLT205)
1:10-2pm       Tutorial (EA201, Rhaz) Tutorial (FT77/306, Rachel)
2:10-3pm         Tutorial (FT77/305, Katherine)
3:10-4pm HelpDesk (CO242b, Sherif) HelpDesk (CO242b, Gabrielle) HelpDesk (CO242b, Kian) HelpDesk (CO242b, Rhaz) Tutorial (AM104, Hayden), HelpDesk (CO242b, Jericho)
4:10-5pm Tutorial (KP24/201, Connor), ExtraHelpDesk (CO242b, Sherif) Tutorial (FT83/203, Jericho), ExtraHelpDesk (CO242b, Gabrielle) Tutorial (KP24/202, Greg), ExtraHelpDesk (CO242b, Kian) Tutorial (KK106, Gabrielle), ExtraHelpDesk (CO242b, Rhaz) ExtraHelpDesk (CO242b, Jericho)
5:10-6pm       Tutorial (KK106, Rhaz)