Introduction to Computer Program Design: COMP102 2019 Trimester T1.

Welcome to COMP102 for 2019 Tri T1.


13/5/2019: No sound in video recordings, Mon 13 May

The sound recording was broken in SUMT 228 today, and there is no sound on the videos. Sorry. Hopefully tomorrow's lecture recordings will work. It might pay to attend the lectures.

12/5/2019: Test: documentation sheet

A student asked about what they needed to memorise for the test.
You may want to look at the documentation sheet that will come with the test. It is on the Java Resources page:

7/5/2019: Test2 next Tuesday 14th 5pm-6pm

We have 5 rooms for COMP102. Please find the right room using your family name.
KKLT301    Alfred -- Climpson
KKLT303    Collins  --  Kaur
MCLT101    Kawana --  Nicholson
MCLT102    Nielsen  -- Sami
MCLT103    Sanson -- Zhu

The test time is next Tuesday 14th May 5pm-6pm.
Please email me at  if you can not sit the test at the scheduled time.

Course Pages and Resources:

System Management: Set up ECS account, Change password, Forward your email, Check print allocation, Report a problem

Technical Documentation and FAQs: There are lots of useful pages at Support.WebHome on many different aspects of the ECS computing system.

Science/Engineering Faculty resources: TeRopu Awhina the Maori/Pacific focused support network. Science and Engineering Faculty office.

VUW resources: Learning Support, Study Resources, helpful booklets on many study topics; Computing Services
VUW Library resources for Engineering, and Computer Science

Clubs: VEC (VUW Engineering Club)

Other resources: A list of free online courses in computer science, which could add to your learning. Also, A useful list of common Java errors and what to do about them