CGRA 151 (2019) - Home Page

Forum: For help with assignments, problems wth the submission system, queries about details of the lecture notes, and contact with a tutor outside laboratories: use the forum. Two tutors are explicitely allocated to answer posts on the forum and the lecturers also keep an eye on it.

Class rep: Your class rep is Daniel Blackford. The student Discord group is at

Helpdesk: For personal help outside your tutorial time, the weekly drop-in help desk is 1–2 p.m. on Fridays in CO242.

Staff contact: For queries that must go to a staff member, please contact Joshua Scott (e.g., requests for medical extensions beyond the automatically allocated 48 hours of extension that everyone gets).


18/7/2019: Help desk starts this week

For those wanting in-person help outside tutorials, we are running weekly drop-in help desks on Fridays, 1-2 p.m. in CO242. Help desks start on Friday 19 July.

16/7/2019: Assignment 2 released

Worksheet 2 (which you complete in a tutorial session) and Assignment 2 (which is due on Tuesday 30 July) have been released. You can pick them up from the Assignments webpage.

10/7/2019: Date of Terms Test moved to Friday 16 August

Owing to a clash with the ENGR 123 terms test (2 p.m. on 15 August), the CGRA 151 terms test has been moved to Friday 16 August at 9 a.m.