Technical Note - MSDNAA Software


ECS is part of Microsoft's MSDNAA program (now called DreamSpark), which allows us to give out free software to staff and students. This tech note lists the software available and how to access it.

Available Software

A complete list of MSDNAA software may be searched at:

See the list of disk images we have available for burning to CD/DVD. For other queries about local availability of MSDNAA software email

On-line Software Center, Obtaining License Keys

Product keys are obtained online from the Software Center.

The Software Center will authenticate with normal ECS authentication. You must be a current ECS student (enrolled in a course being taught by the school this trimester) or staff member to access the Software Center. Once connected, you will be able to obtain license keys for MSDNAA software. The Software Center functions quite like an online shop, but there are no charges!

Burning Disks

Images for commonly requested disks are available in the ECS Labs.

The Software Center will tell you which image file you need to burn. You may also consult this disk index to determine which image files you need. Burn the images to an appropriate blank CD/DVD using the k3b application


You will only ever be able to obtain ONE license key for each product.

Make sure you keep your license key safe as we wont be able to tell you what it was if you lose it.