Technical Note - GitLab: Using the ECS Git Repo


GitLab is ECS's local hosting system for git repositories. It is very similar to GitHub.
Any ECS student can create personal or group git repositories to share with other students. GitLab is reasonably complex but in most cases has full instructions in side it. If you don't already know git you will need to learn up on using git in order to use GitLab.


Goto and login using your ECS username & password.

GitLab has full instructions inside it when you go to create a project but one of the first things you should do is add a SSH key.
It will prompt you to do this the first time you create a new project but if you are using a pre created project you will still need to do this.

In the top right hand corner is a little icon, click on that and choose settings. Click on SSH Keys in the top bar.

Now you need to add a SSH Key click on the "generate it" link. Read all the instructions and follow them.

Once you have added a SSH key you can now use git to communicate with GitLab.
Remember if you want to access it from a home computer you will need to add another SSH key generated on that computer.

You can now create a project inside GitLab. It will give you instructions on how to create a git repository.


If a group has been created for you for a team project, create your projects in that group so every one in your team can work on the project.

If someone in your group has already created a project you will have seen it on logging in.

Otherwise to create a new group project go to the menu in the upper left hand corner, and select Groups. GitLab will display any Groups you are in. Click on the group and from there you can create a new project in the group.

When creating a new project make sure you read all the instructions GitLab shows.