Zarinah Amin

Senior Tutor School of Engineering and Computer Science

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I started tutoring while studying towards my MSc (Honours) at University of Canterbury, investigating pollution in Antarctic soils. Since then, I have worked in various fields ranging from research, training, laboratory services to pedagogy and quality management in Singapore and New Zealand. I am a member of the NZIC. Before moving to Wellington, I taught for a few years in Christchurch.

Using examples from different places and encounters in education, I enjoy sharing techniques and helping tutors understand the importance of their role for student learning success. Each trimester, I facilitate smooth and timely recruitment and training of our tutors.

Tutors play a vital role in the university because they are at the front line of teaching, where the active learning is happening. ECS tutors who ensure effectiveness Think, Plan and Build learning minds.

We strive to promote and monitor tutor quality actively. One way of assessing quality of delivery is through students' evaluation and feedback. Occasionally, I request to sit in tutorials, to identify areas where our tutors’ skills can be improved or expanded. Sometimes we discuss to consider ideas to overcome challenges.

Our tutors are recognised for excellence in delivering tutorials, giving feedback and adding value to ECS tutoring program. In addition, tutors who are PhD students are given professional development opportunities through our in-house workshops.

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