Simon McCallum

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Senior Lecturer School of Engineering and Computer Science

Teaching in 2019


PhD Computer Science

Research Interests

I have been teaching Computer Science since 1999 with Game specific courses from 2004. At undergraduate level I teach everything from Game Design, with a focus on system design, to GPU programming and Multithreaded optimization. For graduate-level research, I focus on Serious Games, mainly Games for Health and Games for Education.

I have an interest in improving the quality of the questions that students ask. I believe that lecturers should be helping students understand how to ask questions and how to find knowledge rather than providing content knowledge in lecture format. These are often answers to questions that none of the students have thought of asking. I found this cartoon captures some of how I feel about good questions.

In Norway I have been building Traction Trebuchet. They are rock throwers that have people pulling at one end, and a sling with the stone in it at the other. We throw 3-4kg about 100-120m. I have built 12 of these, which I believe makes me the most experience Siege Engineer in Norway.

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