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Network Engineering Programmer School of Engineering and Computer Science

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For staff and students needing help...

The following is my personal calendar system. Please be aware that I prefer to keep Fridays for my own research interests.


Graduated from VUW in 2003 with a BScTech (Hons. 1). MSc in Physics developing a readout instrument for a glass-ceramic X-ray imaging plate, developed at Victoria by A.Prof Andy Edgar. The development of the instrument included Electronic and embedded systems development, image processing, software development and optics.

Radek's internship during the BScTech program was completed at Telecom NZ where he looked into rate limiting techniques for use with the Jetstream ADSL project. Following the completion of his degrees, he worked at Transpower briefly during the publisized North Island Grid Upgrade Project involved with the project evaluation team. Finally he moved to VUW where he currently works helping to develop the Network engineering course material, assisting the accademic staff and maintaining the network engineering laboratory.