Planning Your Degree

The School of Engineering and Computer Science is responsible for Victoria's Bachelor of Engineering with Honours BE(Hons) degree, and three majors in the Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree, including the new BSc in Computer Graphics. The school also offers two majors in the Graduate Diploma in Science (GDipSc), aimed at graduates of other disciplines.

Victoria's BE(Hons) is a four year professional honours degree focused on the design and implementation of real world systems, and includes an essential grounding in professional engineering skills. The degree provides three majors covering the science and technology of today's digital world: Electronic and Computer System Engineering, Network Engineering and Software Engineering. Engineering is a profession, and our BE(Hons) includes the development of a professional approach and the acceptance of professional responsibilities. At Victoria you will be taught by men and women who are actively engaged in research, who extend the boundaries of knowledge and are passionate about transmitting their excitement about their chosen profession to you. If you are looking for a career that is challenging, rewarding and enjoyable, come and join us at Victoria's School of Engineering and Computer Science.

The Computer Science major and the Electronic and Computer Systems major in the BSc share much of the design and implementation focus of the BE(Hons). However, they are much more flexible degrees with fewer specific requirements, and only require three years of study. Either major can be combined with any other major in the BSc (or BA or BCom), enabling a multi-disciplinary qualification.

*The new Computer Graphics major will be available for the first time in 2017, with a core course, CGRA151, being introduced in trimester 2. The programme requires a core set of Computer Graphics courses, combined with a range of courses from Computer Science, Mathematics, and Digital Media Design. The major can be combined with other majors, including the BSc in Computer Science.

The GDipSc is aimed at graduates of other disciplines wanting a formal qualification in Computer Science or in Electronic and Computer Systems. The programme is ideally suited for those who can study part-time over two or three years.

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