Adrian Pekar

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Postdoctoral Fellow School of Engineering and Computer Science


Research Interests

Adrian's current research interests include
  • traffic measurement and monitoring,
  • NetFlow and IPFIX,
  • traffic classification,
  • Software Defined Networking and OpenFlow,
  • cloud computing,
  • and virtualisation.


Adrian graduated from the Technical University of Kosice (TUKE), Slovakia in 2011. Since then, his scientific research has focused on the optimisation of network traffic measurement and monitoring platforms. He defended his PhD thesis in the field of computer networks in 2014. Subsequently, he decided to shift to a practical area and have become a data centre and virtualization engineer/administrator at the Institute of Computer Technology of TUKE. Since September 2016 he works for the Victoria University of Wellington (VUW), New Zealand, as a postdoctoral and teaching fellow.

Selected Publications