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Associate Professor School of Engineering and Computer Science

Teaching in 2018


About Me

I was born in Hamilton NZ but grew up in Paraparaumu where I went to Paraparaumu College. I spent a lot of time on Waikanae river and in the Tararua Ranges. My roots are English through my Dad and my mother was from Ponsonby in Auckland when it was a working class area with many families employed on the Auckland wharves. On my mother's side, some colonists from Forest of Dean arrived in New Plymouth and some arrived on convict ships to Australia from Wales.

I have a PhD and MSc from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and a Bachelor of Commerce focusing on Accountancy and Commercial Law from Victoria University. I've worked for a range of employers including the State Services Commission, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, Accenture, the UK National Health System and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. I returned to New Zealand in 2003 to begin work as a lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington.


I have experience teaching professional ethics for software engineers, operating systems design, computer networks, mobile and web application development, python programming, computer organization and introductory engineering.


My current research focuses on web browser security, network security, human aspects of information security and programmable networks. Previous work has been on anonymous auctions, language level security, and digital archiving. While in the United Kingdom, I was a research associate on the five nation European Union project Malicious and Fault Tolerant Internet Applications and also contributed to the Dependable Systems of Systems project focusing upon adaptive distributed systems to increase their reliability.

I am a member of the New Zealand Internet Task Force, was a judge for the New Zealand iSANZ awards for excellence in Information Security in 2014, was co-leader of the New Zealand Honeypot chapter for more than five years, remain a member of the Honeyproject, have been a mentor for the Google Summer of Code. I am a strong believer in local Information Security conferences and support AISC, ACSW and promote Kiwicon to my students.

Several years ago, I received Government funding to run night courses and establish a community-based Internet cafe and education centre in association with the Porirua Pacific Islands Forum. For many years I have run outreach events for the Te Rōpū Āwhina Māori and Pasifika groups. My personal family connections are part of my motivation for this type of work.


Many of my students are co-supervised with other staff (including VUW Aaron Chen, David Streader, Bing Xue, David Pearce, Winston Seah, Qiang Fu, Jocelyn Cranefield, Brenda Chawner, Gillian Olliver, Peter Komisarzcuk, Andy Linton and Kris Bubendorfer).


  1. Kaishuo Yang - Reverse Engineering of an Obfuscated Binary (MSc)
  2. Matthew Stevens - Security when a Hacker Pwns your Business Partners Network (PhD)
  3. Abigail Koay - DDoS Security using SDN (PhD)
  4. Trung Truong - Interdomain routing (PhD)
  5. Mohammed Al-Shaboti- Dynamic access control for IoT (PhD)
  6. Hassan Tariq - Optimisation HDFS using SDN measurements (PhD)
  7. Muhammad Mahmood (Adeel) - Event Reliability in Wireless Sensor Networks (PhD)


This is only a partial list and needs to be updated!


  1. Michael Emmanuel - Distributed Energy Resource Integration for Smart Grid App (PhD)
  2. Santosh Kumar - Web Spam Detection (PhD) under examination
  3. Masood Mansoori - Web browser security (PhD)
  4. Christian Seifert - Web browser security (PhD)
  5. Van Lam Le - Applying AI to Client Honeypot Systems (PhD)
  6. Benjamin Palmer - Anonymous verifiable reseller transactions (PhD)
  7. Ferry Hendrix - Reputation Services (PhD) -- 10% contribution

Masters by thesis

  1. Matthew Stevens - Model Based Test Generation for Software Defined Network Applications (ME)
  2. Lenz Bata - SDN Application Protocol Inference (MCompSci)
  3. Benjamin Palmer - Verifying Anonymous Auctions (MSc)
  4. Hugh Davenport - Implementing a Framework for Verifying Reseller Transactions (ME) pdf
  5. Paul Radford - An Architecture for Managing Security Alerts (MSc) pdf
  6. Deb Shepherd - Developing, Analysing and Testing the Fringe Routing Protocol (ME)
  7. Pacharawit Topark-Ngarm - Mobile Client Honeypots (MSc)
  8. Dean Pemberton - An Empirical Study of Internet Background Radiation Arrival Density and Network Telescope Sampling Strategies (MSc) pdf
  9. Shadi Esnaashari - Invisible Barriers: Identifying restrictions affecting New Zealanders' access to the Internet link (MSc)
  10. Vipul Delwadia - RemoteME:Experiments in Thin-Client Mobile Computing (MSc)
  11. Wayne Thomson - GAF: A General Auction Framework for Secure Combinatorial Auctions link (MSc)


An automated compilation of my publications is provided by Google Scholar. The human curated version is maintained in the School's Publications Database.


During term time, we run a security reading group that meets weekly, we often watch videos as well as read papers.