SWEN 589 (2017) - Home Page

SWEN SWEN 589 will consist of a substantial project, working on a software research and development task. Generally it will be done as a placement in industry, but could, in certain cases, be an industry-sourced (or industry-related) project done within the school. The project would involve supervision by an academic as well as the industry employer, and will involve formal and informal reporting, both written and oral presentations.

Schedule for the Oral presentations, Monday 3rd July 2017, location Wigan 6th floor.

Invite your industry mentors!

Last Name First Name Starts Focus Group
Welcome 9:30
Ball Michael 9:45 #FG1 people in 11:15-1230 session
Coulson Henry 10:00
Coyle Gerard 10:15
Cracknell Kahumana 10:30
Crook Deborah 10:45
Coffee Break 11:00
Gelbolingo John Carlo 11:15 #FG2 people in 09:45-1100 session
Godinez Michael 11:30
Harichand Mukesh 11:45
Hoffland Jacob 12:00
Jin Xiaohao 12:15
Lunch 12:30
Magrath Sam 13:00 #FG3 people in 1445-1615 session
Newbery Mark 13:15
North Raissa 13:30
O'Neill Claire 13:45
Parsonson Jarra 14:00
Sloane Joseph 14:15
Break 14:30
Smith Patrick 14:45 #FG4 people in 1300-1430 session
van Bart Lauren 15:00
van Beek Andrew 15:15
Veerabommayan Amuthalakshmi 15:30
Voong James 15:45
Wilson Oliver 16:00