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21/8/2018: No Lecture on Thursday 23 August

There will be 3 to 5 demos on Wednesday 22 August lecture. There will be NO LECTURE on Thursday 23 August. There will be additional React Native and Firebase tutorial and another 1 or 2 demos on Friday 24 August. Also, please note that after the break in weeks 7, 8, 9 we will only have Wednesday and Thursday lectures and nothing on Friday: http://ecs.victoria.ac.nz/Courses/SWEN325_2018T2/LectureSchedule . Thanks, Alex.

15/8/2018: Using Firebase REST API Hint

You can try Axios or similar methods: https://medium.com/front-end-hacking/setting-up-and-getting-rest-service-data-with-firebase-and-axios-8b941276f075

23/7/2018: Sketching Apps

Someone asked: Is there a way to get sketchapp.com for free through the university?

James Noble answered: the SWEN303 tools page has links to Boxy, Balsamiq (with key) and xd now free in the cloud - James