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Welcome to SWEN 325: Software Development for Mobile Platforms!

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5/9/2018: Important NEW Code Submission Instructions for A2

Submit *only the relevant JavaScript files, such as App.js and the ones you have created and any relevant assets like images, but do not submit any other files automatically generated by the react-native init etc. Include the instructions for tutor to be able to create a new blank app using react-native init and then copying your code and assets replacing App.js and then hopefully able to run your app there and then without overloading ECS submission system with huge sized files. Name your JavaScript code and assets submission package as <code>325-A2-username.zip</code> please.

25/8/2018: Cool One Day Conference at VUW

For only $29 student registration you can spend a day in the break talking to Mobile Devs from around Wellington! I am going myself. smile Check this out: http://mrw.gdg.nz/

21/8/2018: No Lecture on Thursday 23 August

There will be 3 to 5 demos on Wednesday 22 August lecture. There will be NO LECTURE on Thursday 23 August. There will be additional React Native and Firebase tutorial and another 1 or 2 demos on Friday 24 August. Also, please note that after the break in weeks 7, 8, 9 we will only have Wednesday and Thursday lectures and nothing on Friday: http://ecs.victoria.ac.nz/Courses/SWEN325_2018T2/LectureSchedule . Thanks, Alex.