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19/6/2017: Re: Announcements

Dear class,

Project demonstration is scheduled at 20 June in the group project lab CO236. The teams that need to use their labtop to demonstrate their projects, please be there at your scheduled time.

Best regards,

16/6/2017: Re: Announcements

Dear all,

Project presentations are scheduled at and only at
    17-Jun-17 at 9:30 -  in HMLT104

A schedule of the presentations can be found at  

Please all come to HMLT104 on time for your presentation. If you miss the presentation you will miss the opportunity to get marks for your presentation. Also, please be reminded that a mandatory requirement of the course is 'A satisfactory group project journal must be submitted and the project must be presented', which means if you do not come to the presentation you will not pass the course.

Please be there at least 30 minutes before the time scheduled for your team (except the first two teams who should be there 10 minutes before 9:30 to be ready for presentation starting at 9:30am)

In addition to present your own project, please stay in the room as a audience for other teams' presentations to show your support to your classmates. It is a good opportunity to learn form others' experience.  

Please test your presentation material (e.g. slides, application) before the presentation.

Please submit by 23:55 at 17 June:
 --Presentation slides;
 --Project application files;
 --A refined requirements analysis and design document and;  
 --a full journal.

Good luck!


8/6/2017: Re: Announcements

Dear class,

In today's lecture, I recieved questions regarding the marks of Assignment 1 Part 1. To make it clear, the marks you received is marked out of 50.


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