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Engineering Technology: ENGR101 2017 Trimester T1.

Welcome to ENGR101 for 2017


19/6/2017: Re: Annoucements

Final ENGR101 tutorial grades are now available here https://ecs.victoria.ac.nz/foswiki/pub/Courses/ENGR101_2017T1/Tutorials/ENGR101FINALTutorialMarks%20VersionReleasedToStudents.pdf
(and also through the Tutorial page on the ENGR101 website).
6 out of 8 tutorials were necessary to achieve the full 10%.
Please email ELF if you believe this is in error.

7/6/2017: Re: Annoucements

Hi everyone,

A reminder that the test tonight is at 6-7pm. Rooms are:
Last name A-G - COLT122
Last name H-O - MCLT102
Last Name P-Z - KKLT301

We will go over practice questions from last year's test during today's lecture.
Good luck!


6/6/2017: Re: Annoucements

Hi everyone, I have put up a class google doc to discuss the answers for last year's terms test #2.
As with last time i'll periodically check it and correct any massive errors, but you are also welcome to tag me in it with specific questions or if things need clarification.
It's available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lTEVj_kK3-R0Ua6VXjEj8Sq4Sp0Mcg1Ympwspi5krkA/edit?usp=sharing

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