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First Lecture: 1 March 2017, 4-6pm --- LT105, Alan MacDiarmid Building, Kelburn

EchoCentre Page (All Captures/Videos) :TBA

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3/3/2017: Re: Announcements

The lecture video can be seen from Learn, Click Lectures under the Course Menu

"Connecting to live lectures and viewing lecture recordings Course Material  Edit title" :


2/3/2017: Re: Announcements

Please discuss with Blair <> about your topic for the first Assignment.

1/3/2017: Re: Announcements

Hi All,

It is great seeing you today for the first lecture of COMP473.

Since many of you have not gotten access to Learn yet, I have downloaded the Assignment 1 part(a) from the Learn System, and put in our website. You can download from here in order to start prepare the assignment.  Please start working on it as soon as possible.

As said in the lecture, I will not put any following assignment in our website. You will need to go to Learn to get them.

For those who cannot come to today's lecture, we will run the lecture again on next Monday, 6 March,  4-6pm. Meng and I will be there to answer questions.