COMP 422 (2017) - Home Page

Welcome to the homepage for COMP 422 in 2017.

This course is concerned with data mining concepts and techniques, especially neural networks and genetic programming. It mainly focuses on the following topics: Data mining and knowledge discovery in databases; Data mining techniques such as nearest neighbour, naive Bayes, support vector machines, neural networks, genetic algorithms and genetic (automatic) programming; Computer vision operations such as preprocessing, edge detection, segmentation, feature extraction and object classification; and performance evaluation of data mining/machine learning/object recognition systems. The course will consider applications ranging from general classification, clustering and optimisation tasks to vision applications such as feature extraction and object recognition. This course aims to provide a suitable knowledge base for building data mining applications and object recognition systems based on neural and evolutionary techniques.

If you have any inquiry about the course, please contact Dr Bing Xue at or Dr Yi Mei at (if both Bing and Yi are aways, you may contact Harith Al-Sahaf at or Prof. Mengjie Zhang