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Welcome to Algorithms and Data Structures!

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NB! Alex Potanin (course coordinator) has office hour 11am - 12pm on Mondays (due to low turnout I reduced it to one hour). Please come by or email him if you have any "course administration issues" such as extensions etc.

NB! Our class reps are: Dylan Kumar ( and Te Rahui Tunua (


25/4/2017: Bug fix for Assignment 3:

Bug fix for Assignment 3:

If you haven't started Assignment 3 and haven't downloaded, then you can ignore this post.

There was a bug in, particularly something wrong with the file car.txt. It has now been fixed and has been updated. Please download it again to make sure you are using the correct data files.

25/4/2017: COMP 261 Terms Test Arrangement / Split

Class will be split by Last Name between two rooms: HMLT104 (A-H) and MCLT101 (I-Z - usual lecture room).

Please DO NOT be late, as test starts shortly after 12pm (normal lecture time) and goes for 45 minutes.

Please bring along your student ID, leave bags and mobile phones (on mute!) at the front and sit with ideally one space between each student but using every row as we are running each room at 60% capacity.

8/3/2017: COMP 261 Class Reps

As you remember, we elected two class representatives who can help pass on any concerns you may have about the course. They are: Dylan Kumar ( and Te Rahui Tunua ( Cheers, Alex.

4/3/2017: Announcement [Week 1]

Hi all,

First welcome to COMP261!

This announcement aims to give you some important information before the course starts, to help you better prepare for the course. It's always good to get well prepared as early as possible!

** Lectures notes and handouts *

The lecture notes (pptx and pdf) for week 1 is already available in the Lecture Schedule page You are encouraged to download the lecture notes and go through them before the lecture. This will help you prepare for the lectures better.

There will be NO handout for the course (we have 250+ students in the class, and we want to be a "green" course). You can use the electronic copy of the lecture notes available online, or print them out yourself if you like hard copies. I will try my best to put the lecture notes online 48 hours before the lecture, so you have enough time to download, print out and even go through them.

In week 1, we will discuss some basic Graph concepts, including reading graph data and figuring out proper data structure to store the graph. Graph is a very important representation for many real-world situations such as route navigation, network routing and AI planning and scheduling. It is also a large block in this course (relates to 2 assignments out of 5). So please come to the lectures.

Tutorials and Helpdesks *

There is no tutorial and Helpdesk in week 1. We will start both in week 2. Please check the Timetable for the time and place. Please sign up for one tutorial from MyAllocator

Assignments *

Assignment 1 is already available online You are welcome to download it and have a look. It's always good to start assignments as early as possible.

Others **

- I will switch off my mobile phone (or mute) during the lecture time. I hope you can do the same, at least you turn the voice/sound off so that your phone calls/messages won't affect other people.

- I would like to encourage you to use the forum for free discussion about the course content. However, please do not put your own solutions there for assignment questions!

- My (Yi Mei, lecture for the first half) office hours are 12-1pm Thursdays. You are all welcome to discuss anything about the course content with me, either in my office hours, before or after the lecture in the classroom, or other times by appointment.

Look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Lecturer for the first half of COMP261