Introduction to Computer Program Design: COMP102 2018 Trimester T1.

Welcome to COMP102 for 2018 Tri T1.


9/5/2018: Second term test

Our second term test is next Monday 14th May 5pm-6pm.
The room you should go depends on your family name:
    Your family name       Room to go
        A--Crimp               COLT122
    Dagger--Hume            KKLT301
   Humphries--Player         MCLT101
        Pletzer---Zz            MCLT103
Please note that the above is different from test1 because we only use 4 rooms in test2.
If you have a scheduled lab next Monday 5pm-6pm, you can do it from 6:10-7pm, at COLT122
    Your family name      Room to go
         A--Z                     COLT122 (for all in 6:10pm-7pm group)

Please email me if you have any questions or problems.
To prepare for the test, you should do at least one of the past tests available at
Good Luck with your term test!

18/4/2018: test 1 model solutions and hand back

The model solutions for test 1 is available at
The test paper will be handed back in Wednesday's lecture (Today).
If you couldn't get it in today's lecture, please pick up from our school office at CO358 at their handout hours after today.
Please come to see me if you find any mistakes in the marking. Please do check the model solutions before you come to see me.

13/4/2018: Assignment 4 zip file

Apologies for the inconvenience. If you have downloaded the zip file BEFORE 11:30 am this Friday 13th April, the template for ClassTimes will miss one method printAtStartTime that you need to implement as part of the Core.
This affects mainly the people who have downloaded the zip file at the first lab today.
If you have not started on ClassTimes, the easiest might be to download the zip file again. Otherwise I am adding a link on the top of the Assignment4 page with the extra bit, that you can insert in your program.

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Other resources: A list of free online courses in computer science, which could add to your learning. Also, A useful list of common Java errors and what to do about them