Introduction to Computer Program Design: COMP102 2017 Trimester T2.

Welcome to COMP102 for 2017 Tri T2.


25/10/2017: Re: Announcements

Hi all,

I hope your exam studies are going well.

As I mentioned during lectures, there will be a COMP102 mock exam held by the Victoria Engineering Club (VEC). All students in COMP102 are encouraged to attend the mock exam. This will help you get a good indication on how you'll perform during the real exam, and is especially helpful for exercising your exam management skills.

The COMP102 mock exam will be held in FT77/306 on the 28-Oct-17.

It will start at 12pm, running for 2 hours (until 2pm). Then there is a half hour break and the review of the model answers begins at 2.30pm and finishes whenever (about 2 hours). I will go over the model answers.

Hope to see you there,
Andrew Chalmers

28/9/2017: Re: Announcements

Hello class,

We have noticed a drop in attendance for lectures, labs and tutorials (and a low number of unique views for the online videos). Along with this, we have noticed that the grades in general are lower than what they should be. It is very important to attend the lectures so you can be introduced to important topics in the course. To exercise your knowledge of these topics, we expect you to attend the labs and complete your assignments. The lecturers and tutors are here to help you improve your understanding of java programming, but it is up to you to attend these sessions. There are also additional tutorials run by me on Tuesdays at 5pm to 7pm so you can ask questions about general concepts of what has been taught in lectures (rather than questions specifically about the assignments). Ali (the other lecturer) is also open for 1 on 1 sessions if you email him directly.

If you do not attend the lectures, labs or tutorials, you will find the exam quite difficult and risk the possibility of failing the course.

Andrew Chalmers

22/9/2017: Test 2 this coming Monday (25 th September)

Don't forget the Test on Monday 25th, 11:00 to 11:50.

Rooms:  MCLT102 for students whose surname starting with A to R (normal lecture theatre)
     and EALT206 for students whose surname starting with S to Z

The test will cover everything up to and including to event driven input (lecture 19 included).

Good luck with the test!

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