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19/10/2017: Mock Exam on 14 November

Practice your exam technique three days before the real thing!!!

The Victoria Engineering Club (VEC) is organising a mock exam for CGRA151:

Date: 14-Nov-17
Place: FT77/306
Mock exam: 12:00pm
Review session: 2:30pm

We plan to use the 2016 final examination in this so, if you plan to attempt the mock exam, it is best not to look at the 2016 final exam before you come.

VEC has recruited Prof. Dodgson to run the review session. He set the 2016 exam and designed the mark scheme.

You do not need to be a VEC member to participate. Also, it is OK to turn up just for the review, but you will get much more use out of this if you attempt the mock exam. It is far too easy to think “yeah, I can answer that” when revising. The mock exam allows you to discover whether you really can put down a good answer with enough time to refine your technique before the real thing.

FT77/306 is a room on Fairlie Terrace, and can be found using the Kelburn campus map

6/9/2017: Assignment 4 briefing

Want to know more about how Assignment 4 is supposed to work? Watch this video:
password: ass4

24/8/2017: All assignments up on website

All of the remaining assignment specifications for CGRA151 are now up on the website:

Over the study break you are expected to do two main things for CGRA 151:
(1) Complete and submit the mathematics assignment (due 12 September, 10:00).
(2) Start planning your “game” for assignment 5. Please read the specification for Assignment 5 now, so that you know the constraints and requirements for your game.

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There are a range of things that you need to do: