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LittleBot James Harold McVay MEng 2014
Invisible Barriers : identifying restrictions affecting New Zealanders' access to the Internet Shadi Esnaashari MSc 2014
Investigating the effects of corpus and configuration on assistive input methods Samuel Adam Hindmarsh MEng 2014
Improving the Scalability of XCS-Based Learning Classifier Systems Muhammad Iqbal 2014
A History of Emerging Paradigms in EEG for Music Kameron R. Christopher, Dr Ajay Kapur, Dale A. Carnegie, Dr Georgina Marguerite Grimshaw Joint Conference of the 40th International Computer Music Conference and 11th Sound and Music Computing Conference 2014
Graceful Language Extensions and Interfaces Michael William Homer 2014
Determining pore length scales and pore surface relaxivity of rock cores by internal magnetic fields modulation at 2 MHz NMR Huabing Liu, Marcel Nogueira D'Eurydice, Dr Sergei Igorevitch Obruchkov, Dr Petrik Galvosas Journal of Magnetic Resonance 2014
Generic Ownership Types for Java and the Collections Framework Ahmed Aziz Khalifa 2014
Expressive Musical Robots : building, Evaluating, and Interfacing with an Ensemble of Mechatronic Instruments James Wassell Murphy 2014
An Empirical Evaluation of Force-Directed Graph Layout Roman Aleksandrovich Klapaukh 2014

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