Top 10 reasons why you should study Engineering at Victoria:

Digitally focused specialisations at the cutting-edge of new technology

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Electronic and Computer System Engineering Study mechatronics, electronics, digital systems, robotics, signal processing, energy conservation, ...

Network Engineering Internet, social media, network security (hacking!), software defined networks, ...

Software Engineering Software design, computer languages, games, computer graphics, AI, ...

+ Computer Science and Computer Graphics

Modern state-of-the-art professional degree

Brendan Vercoelen S-O-A LabsThe School of Engineering and Computer Science was formed in January 2009 in response to a growing need for fully-qualified digital engineers from existing University strengths. Please take our Virtual Tour to view state-of-the-art facilities that you will use daily.

Research-led teaching from the number one ranked research university in New Zealand

Henry Williams.JPG Victoria University is ranked New Zealand’s most research intensive university. This means VUW is top in the ranking that all other universities in New Zealand wanted as it measures quality per individual academic. Importantly, there are no barriers between undergraduate study and research so you will be learning state-of-the-art concepts in lectures, implementing these ideas in projects and have the opportunity to work with academics on cutting-edge research during summer projects.

Internationally accredited, so your degree can take you anywhere in the world

Ipenz bbq.jpgOur engineering degrees are fully accredited under the Washington Accord, which recognises substantial equivalence in the accreditation of qualifications in professional engineering. This means the validity of your degree is recognised worldwide, from Australia to USA and beyond. It also enables progress towards chartered engineering status, which further increases your worth to high-quality employers, such as consultants and top international firms.

Awesome Engineering community with an activity-led Engineering Club

VEC.jpgVictoria Engineering Club: Open to ALL Victoria University of Wellington Students interested in Engineering, Computer science, or technology in general! Runs awesome LAN parties, paintball events (where you get to shoot the lecturers), field trips to tech. places, movie screenings, and much more. The Slender Man night videos of students playing The Eight Pages for the first time are worth discovering.

Excellent graduate employment prospects

GradEngineers.jpgOur first cohort of engineering graduates had 100 percent success rate for employment in graduate-level jobs paying $10k more than the average university graduate entry position. Our students continue to get excellent graduate jobs (and salaries) from international companies such as Google and Vodafone to local companies such as PhotoHigher. Many students decide to stay on to do a higher level research at Masters or Doctoral level.

Wellington is the coolest little capital city in the world to The Lonely Planet, Wellington Is the Coolest Little Capital in the World. Wellington boasts entertainment, arts, culture, enough food/drink to satisfy anyone, sport and breathtaking natural scenery. New Zealand’s capital city is nestled between rolling hills and a stunning harbour, and has a vibrant and compact downtown area that's best explored on foot. The city is home to Te Papa, the national museum, which tells the story of New Zealand’s history through bold and interactive exhibits. In Wellington you’ll discover an amazing range of cafes, art galleries, theatres, attractions and of course nightlife.

Friendly, knowledgeable and approachable professional staff with international reputations

A safer world landscape image.jpgThere are no barriers between staff and student interaction. You will be taught by the number-one researchers in New Zealand in topics that they are passionate about. Whether it's being taught signal processing by the person who helped develop Skype or computer graphics by someone who has won a technical Oscar you will encounter first-class people.

You get to turn theory into practice with a mixture of core knowledge, creative design and tangible outcomes

21449 LES4069.jpgFrom day one you will be learning really interesting subjects. You will soon be putting ideas into practice through tutorials, laboratories and projects. Within the first six weeks you start building your own autonomous vehicle with a team of like-minded students. In another six weeks it will be communicating over the latest network protocols to the control station you've built, navigating a complex maze or slaloming around obstacles on the autonomous intelligence that you programmed. This continues from embedded processors for interactive displays to your own computer game or android program. Your final year project will really demonstrate all the skills and passion that you've built up during your studies.

Amazing subjects that will stimulate your learning for a bright future.

brettni-arc.jpg Please check out our amazing subjects from Computer Game Development to Machine Learning, and Embedded Systems to Distributed Competing in Grids & Clouds, and many more awesome topics. Calls to action include visiting us on Facebook or Applying and Enrolling.