Graduate Diploma in Science

The Graduate Diploma in Science (GDipSc) is a flexible programme that caters for students from a wide variety of backgrounds. It enables those with a Bachelor's degree in one discipline (or in special cases, appropriate work experience) to obtain a qualification in another discipline, or to transition to postgraduate study in a new area.

The diploma is an ideal opportunity to specialise at an advanced level in areas not included in your first degree, or if you have been away from study for a while, to learn about new developments in your original discipline.

A GDipSc may be endorsed with the name of one subject (eg: a Graduate Diploma in Science in Computer Science) if the course of study meets the 300 level major requirements for that subject.


One year full-time or up to four years part-time. Typically, the prerequisite structure of the courses is such that it must be taken part time over two or more years.

Entry Requirements

A Bachelor's degree in any discipline. Students with no programming background typically need to take COMP 102 and COMP 103 (perhaps for a Certificate of Proficency) before starting the GDipSc.

Course Requirements

The GDipSc programme is essentially a Bachelor of Science major in a different discipline to your first degree. You can choose your own programme of study (in consultation with staff advisors) from a wide range of 200 and 300 level courses.

The programme must include:
  • 120 science points from 200 and 300 level courses
  • At least 75 points at 300-level.

To be endorsed in Computer Science, the programme must include 60 300-level points from COMP, SWEN, and/or NWEN

To be endorsed in Electronic and Computer Systems, the programme must include 60 points from ECEN 301-399.

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