Soheil Mohseni

PhD Student School of Engineering and Computer Science

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Thesis Info

Research Interests: Renewable energy systems, Optimal sizing, Energy management, Smart grid, Distributed energy resources, Sustainability
Thesis Title: Development of a method to optimally size micro-grids based on meta-heuristic optimization algorithms
Supervisor: Professor Alan Brent, Dr Daniel Burmester, and Associate Professor Will Browne


Research Interests

My research interests include the optimal planning and operation of renewable and sustainable energy systems in the form of micro-grids, virtual power plants, energy hubs, etc. Particularly, my PhD thesis focuses on developing a method for optimal sizing of the components of on-/off-grid micro-grids (as one of the most promising types of sustainable energy systems) using meta-heuristic optimization algorithms.


For a list of my publications, please visit my Google scholar web page.