Lakshmi Krishnan

Student School of Engineering and Computer Science

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Thesis Info

Research Interests: Acoustic Signal Processing, Convex Optimization
Thesis Title: Acoustic Impulse Response Shaping
Supervisor: Dr Paul Teal, Dr Terence Betlehem


Educational Background
  • Masters in Computational Engineering and Networking in 2012 from the Centre for Excellence in Computational Engineering, Amrita Vishwavidyapeetham, Coimbatore, India
  • Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2010 from the Govt Model Engineering College, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin, India
Research Interests

Signal processing, Convex Optimization, Compressed Sensing, Image Processing, Computational Linear Algebra, Communication systems

Selected Publications

1. Lakshmi Krishnan, Terence Betlehem, Paul D Teal, “A statistically robust approach to acoustic impulse response shaping”, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, vol.24, no.8, pp.1138 - 1142,Aug 2017

2. Lakshmi Krishnan, Paul D Teal, and Terence Betlehem, "A robust sparse approach to acoustic impulse response shaping", Proc. IEEE Conference on Acoustics, Speech & Signal Processing, Brisbane, April 2015.

3. Lakshmi Krishnan, Paul D Teal,Terence Betlehem, "A sparsity based approach for acoustic room impulse response shortening", SSP 2014, IEEE Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing, Gold Coast, Australia, June 2014.

4. Lakshmi K, P Muralikrishna, K P Soman, “Compressive Estimation of UWA channels for OFDM transmission using iterative sparse reconstruction algorithms”, IMAC4S 2013, IEEE International Multi Conference on Automation, Computing, Control, Communication and Compressed Sensing, India

5. Lakshmi K, P Muralikrishna, K P Soman, “Compressive Channel Estimation for spread OFDM transmission in UWA channels using iterative sparse reconstruction algorithms”, IEEE TENCON 2012, Cebu, Philippines

6. Lakshmi K, Parvathy R, Soumya S, K P Soman, “Image Denoising Solutions using Heat diffusion Equation”, EPSCICON 2012, IEEE 2nd International Conference on Electric Power, Signals, Control & Computation, Thrissur, India

7. Indukala P K, Lakshmi K, Soumya V, K P Soman, “Implementation of ℓ1 Magic and One bit Compressed Sensing based on Linear Programming Using Excel”, ICACC 2012, IEEE International Conference on Advances in Computing and Communications, Aug 6-9, Cochin, India

8. Lakshmi K, K P Soman, "Filter design using sparse signal restoration techniques", RAICS 2011, IEEE International Conference on Recent Advances in Communication, Sep 22-24,2011, Thriuvanathapuram, India

9. Lakshmi K, K P Soman, M S Manikandan, “A novel level set based approach for scanned Oriya document binarisation”, IJAER (International Journal of Applied Engineering Research),Research India publications. ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 6, Number 24 (2011) pp. 2783-2799