Datacom Scholarship

31 Mar 2014 - 09:42:14 in Achievement
Simon Ferrari (General Manager, Datacom Systems), Alastair Turrell (Director, Systems and Integration, Datacom Systems), Tony Butler, Tim Stapels

A number of prizes are awarded annually to the top performing undergraduate students in the School of Engineering and Computer Science. These awards are possible through the generosity of organisations in the Wellington region. Since 2006 Datacom Systems has been awarding a $5,000 scholarship to a full-time student intending to undertake 300 level study in Computer Science or Engineering. The award is in excellence and this year the Scholarship went to two students, Tony Butler and Tim Stapels. Alastair Turrell, the Director of Datacom Systems, who presented the scholarship to the students, stated:

The Datacom Scholarship commenced in 2006 and we are as delighted and impressed with the quality of the 2014 graduate group as ever. Many of our staff are former students, and the visionary thought-leaders of our future are certain to come from your graduate pool.

Each year, as we set about assessing the scholarship candidates, we are continually impressed by the abilities, achievements and wisdom-beyond-years that we see. This year was no exception, and in evaluating the 2014 Datacom Computer Science Scholarship applicants, we decided to award two scholarships reflecting both the depth of talent emerging from the final year and the excellence of both scholarship recipients.

The School of Engineering and Computer Science would like to thank Datacom System for its on-going support.