Callaghan Innovation Postgrad Internship: Software Engineer

10 Sep 2014 - 09:48:31 in Research
This Callaghan Innovation R&D Career 2014 position is for a recent graduate of a postgraduate program. The position is fixed term and for a duration of six months but with the possibility of extension to a permanent contract.

Magritek specializes in providing compact NMR and MRI systems for industrial and educational customers around the world. The present R&D focus is the development of compact low field NMR spectroscopy systems for chemistry education, industrial chemical processing and pharmaceutical markets. The product development work we are undertaking involves several technical disciplines including electronic, software, mechanical, magnet and chemical engineering. Our products consist of electronic hardware with embedded systems that interact with an application running on a users computer.

We are developing a new software control system for a new hardware platform to be used in upgrades of existing and new NMR related products. The new embedded ARM based hardware platform will use LINUX and will typically be controlled using an Ethernet port or WIFI. In order to simplify the development for the new NMR products we intend to create one or more custom high level languages that will be used to design experiments and NMR pulse sequences. The custom languages will generate LLVM IR output. This LLVM IR can be optimized for specific CPU's, like ARM or a custom FPGA based softcore processor. The task and challenge is to create a language and an associated debugging tool to debug code on a remotely connected system. The compiler and debugging tool shall run on Windows.

Magritek has an established team of world leading scientists and engineers and this is also bolstered by our collaboration with staff at Victoria University of Wellington. This position will provide someone with the unique opportunity of developing in these areas:
1. interacting with a diverse technical team that has a commercial focus.
2. undertaking leading edge research and development
3. working on a real project that will end up with customers
4. working within an environment will real commercial pressure
5. presentation and report writing

The skills that the applicant must have are C++, Linux, LLVM and compiler development. Additional skills such as C#, ANTLR and knowledge of ARM processors would be desired but are not essential.

The applicant must also have recently graduated with a Masters or PhD in computer science or software engineering or equivalent.
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Application procedures

Please email CV and cover letter to:
Please also include a copy of your academic transcript and two referees.

Closes: 2 Dec, 2014

Commences: 1 February 2015

Type: Contract Remuneration:$60,000 per annum pro-rata

Location: Wellington, New Zealand


Program: Graduate recruitment program

Contact details

Mr Robin Dykstra
Ph: 04 920 7671