Human-Computer Interaction Group

The Human-Computer Interaction Group (HCI) carries out research on information visualization techniques and systems, natural user interfaces, user experience techniques, mobile education systems, usable security, and human aspects of software engineering. The group consists of academics and students from a variety of disciplines including human computer interaction, media design, and software engineering.

Latest News

Meetings for 2018

The HCI Group will meet fortnightly on the following dates:

  • Friday 9 March 2018, 1-2pm in EA119
  • Friday 23 March 2018, 12-1pm in EA119
  • Friday 6 April 2018, 10am-11am in EA119
  • Friday 20 April 2018, 10am-11am in EA119
  • Friday 4 May 2018, 10am-11am in EA119
  • Friday 18 May 2018, 10am-11am in EA119
  • Friday 1 June 2018, 10am-11am in EA119
  • Tuesday 10 July 2018, 1030am walk around RedRocks and lunch at BeachHouse Cafe
  • Friday 20 July 2018, 2pm in EA119
  • Friday 3 August 2018, 2pm in EA119
  • Friday 17 August 2018, 2pm in EA119
  • Next Meeting: Friday 31 August 2018, 2pm in EA119
  • Friday 14 September 2018, 2pm in EA119
  • Friday 28 September 2018, 2pm in EA119
  • Friday 12 October 2018, 2pm in EA119
  • Friday 26 October 2018 ENGR 489 Presentations

All 400-level, Masters, and PhD students are welcome to attend.

Research Interests

We are currently engaged in projects on:
  • Human aspects of software engineering and programming
  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality VR/AR/MR
  • Collaboration with interactive surfaces and spaces
  • Serious games
  • User experience practice
  • Mobile education
  • Visualization of education metrics
  • Network visualization
  • Sports visualization
  • Collaborative visualization
  • Software visualization
  • Security information and event management
  • Usable security

HCI Staff

There are currently the following academic staff that form the HCI Research group within the School of Engineering and Computer Science. The group is co-led by Craig Anslow and Stuart Marshall.

VUW Collaborators

  • Brian Robinson - Graduate School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health, Faculty of Health
  • Pedro Antunes - School of Information Management, Victoria Business School
  • Jocelyn Cranefield - School of Information Management, Victoria Business School
  • Andreas Drechsler - School of Information Management, Victoria Business School


The group consists of the following students ranging from PhD students, Masters thesis students and students completing final year or honours projects.

Student Topic Degree Supervisor
Benjamin Powley Visualizing Air Quality Data MSc Craig Anslow, David Pearce
Jack Purvis Live Coding MSc Craig Anslow, James Noble
Ralph Reithmeier Data Visualisation to Analyse Industrial Requirements Engineering Practices and Problems MSc (External) Craig Anslow, Daniel Mendez
Alai Yohannes Mob Programming in Practice MSc (External) Craig Anslow
Ben Selwyn Smith Tabletop Grace MCompSci Craig Anslow, Michael Homer
Haydn Bannister Virtual Reality for Radiation Therapy Education BE(Hons) Craig Anslow, Brian Robinson
Jonathan Carr Visualizing Network Traffic BE(Hons) Craig Anslow, Beca
Jack Slater Software Metrics Visualization BE(Hons) Craig Anslow
Simon Glew aWall - Support for Agile Team Retrospectives on Large Touch Screens BE(Hons) Craig Anslow
Charlene Leong Using Smartphones as 3D Human Interface Navigation Devices BE(Hons) Craig Anslow, NEC
Brendan Julian Why Programmers Do What they Do? BE(Hons) James Noble, Craig Anslow
Tristan Irons User Interfaces for Programmers BE(Hons) James Noble
Edward Kelly FarmIQ BE(Hons) Ian Welch, Stuart Marshall
Matthew Lee PlanIT BE(Hons) Stuart Marshall
Dallan Freemantle PlanIT BE(Hons) Stuart Marshall
Nathan Newton Security in Agile Software Development BCom(Hons) Andreas Drechsler, Craig Anslow
Ali Ahmed Security in Agile Software Development Research Assistant Craig Anslow


  • Roman Klapaukh - (Alumni) former Teaching Fellow, interested in visualisation and gesture controls.

Student Topic Degree Year Supervisor
Lili Limtrairut Mobile and Education PhD 2018 Stuart Marshall
Jayden Nowitz Usable Security MSc 2018 Ian Welch
Ben Selwyn Smith Virtual Reality for Radiation Therapy Education Research Assistant 2017/2018 Craig Anslow, Brian Robinson
Jonathan Carr Visualizing Network Traffic Research Assistant 2017/2018 Craig Anslow
Kasz Semilla Global Quality Education Visualisation Tool BE(Hons) 2017 Stuart Marshall
Hannah Craighead StudentVis: Visualising academic pathways through university BE(Hons) 2017 Stuart Marshall
Divya Patel Visualising United Nations Gender Equality Development Goals BE(Hons) 2017 Stuart Marshall
Jiaheng Wang Understanding SDAZ - Mouse vs. Touch vs. 3D Gestures BE(Hons) 2017 Craig Anslow, Stuart Marshall
Cameron Bryers Simple Game Programming in Grace BE(Hons) 2017 James Noble, Michael Homer
Aaron Pang Why Do Programmers Do What They Do? BE(Hons) 2017 James Noble, Craig Anslow

Scholarships and Funding

We are always looking for excellent PhD, Masters, and Honours students. We have funding available via our university and some other university funded research grants which are typically for summer research students.

Apply for a Postgraduate PhD/Master Scholarship (Next deadline 1 July, 2018), contact Craig Anslow

Summer Scholarships. We offer summer scholarships in 2018/2019, some of which are related to HCI and Visualization (Details to be confirmed):


Being Involved

The HCI group meets monthly at 1pm - on Fridays on Victoria University's Kelburn campus.

The group also maintains a mailing list for general announcements: or join our Slack channel:

For more information about joining or collaborating with the group, please contact Craig Anslow

Resources and Experimentation

The group maintains a collection of interaction devices for use in projects and experiments. These include VR head sets (HTC Vive, Occulus Rift, Pico Goblin), multi-touch tables, iPads, visualization walls, Leap Motions, and both Kinect and Playstation Move systems.

In order to conduct experiments with you humans we need to get human ethics approval and Applying for human ethics approval (