28 Sep 2010 - 19:02:55 in Research
At SPLASH 2010 members of Elvis have three research papers at OOPSLA:
  • Agility in Context. Rashina Hoda, Philippe Kruchten, James Noble, Stuart Marshall.
  • Tribal Ownership. Nicholas Cameron, James Noble, Tobias Wrigstad.
  • Ownership and Immutability in Generic Java. Yoav Zibin, Alex Potanin, Paley Li, Mahmood Ali, Michael D. Ernst.

four workshop papers:
  • Mojojojo --- More Ownership for Multiple Owners. Paley Li, Nicholas Cameron and James Noble
  • GoHotDraw: Evaluating the Go Programming Language with Design Patterns. Frank Schmager, Nicholas Cameron, James Noble. Evaluation and Usability of Programming Languages and Tools (PLATEAU) Workshop
  • Using Grounded Theory to Study the Humans Aspects of Software Engineering. Rashina Hoda, James Noble, Stuart Marshall. Human Aspects in Software Engineering (HAoSE) Workshop.
  • Co-located Collaborative Software Visualization. Craig Anslow, Stuart Marshall, James Noble, and Robert Biddle. Human Aspects in Software Engineering (HAoSE) Workshop.

one workshop:

and one panel:
  • Manifesto: a New Educational Programming Language. Kim B. Bruce, James Noble, Andrew Black, Jens Palsberg.