ECOOP 2013

09 Jul 2013 - 16:57:37 in Research
At ECOOP 2013 Elvis members had the following research papers:

  • The Billion-Dollar Fix: Safe Modular Circular Initialisation with Placeholders and Placeholder Types.Marco Servetto, Julian Mackay, Alex Potanin, James Noble
  • What Programmers do with Inheritance in Java? Ewan Tempero, Hong Yul Yang, James Noble.

and the following workshop papers:

  • True small-step reduction for imperative Object Oriented languages. Marco Servetto, Lindsay Groves. (FTfJP)
  • The Need for Capability Policies. Sophia Drossopoulou and James Noble (FTfJP)
  • A Calculus for Constraint-Based Flow Typing. David Pearce (FTfJP)
  • Graceful Dialects. Michael Homer (DSLDI)
  • Modules as Gradually-Typed Objects. Michael Homer, James Noble, Kim Bruce and Andrew Black. (Dyla)
  • Wyvern: A Simple, Typed, and Pure Object-Oriented Language. Ligia Nistor, Darya Kurilova, Stephanie Balzer, Benjamin Chung, Alex Potanin, Jonathan Aldrich (COOMPL)