Weekly CaSP Meeting Dates and Featured Speakers

Anybody is welcome to attend, but attendees are also expected to contribute presentations. All meetings are in CO350 at 14:00 am except if announced differently. (Bookings for CO350)

Recent and Upcoming Talks

  • 2015/07/20: Mozhgan Mohammadpour Extended short-time Fourier transform
  • 2015/07/27: Callum Neil Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications
  • 2015/08/03: Ganlong Wang Enhancement of Speech Intelligibility Based on Mutual Information
  • 2015/08/17: Pete Smith How do we select statistical distributions as models in engineering
  • 2015/08/24: Seyed Reza Mir Alav Distributed blind source separation
  • 2015/08/31: Refik Ustok Optimized Transceivers with Power Adaptation for Multicellular Networks
  • 2015/09/07: Muhammad Ghifary Domain Adaptation in Learning
  • 2015/09/14: Saqib Saleem Feedback interactions between blood pressure and cerebral blood flow in humans
  • 2015/09/21: Kelson Chua Blind Source Separation in Non-Stationary Scenarios
  • 2015/10/05: Harsh Tataria Very Basics of Cellular Planning
  • 2015/10/12: Mouna Hakami Feature Extraction Basics
  • 2015/10/19: Steven Van Kuyk Information Rate of Speech
  • 2015/10/26: School holiday
  • 2015/11/02: Paul Teal An interesting result regarding orthonormal bases for functions and sequences
  • 2015/11/09: Rajiv Pratap Low correlation codes for sonar systems
  • 2015/11/16: Bastiaan Kleijn Variational inference
  • 2015/11/23: David Balduzzi Game theory for neural networks
  • 2015/11/30: Craig Anderson
  • 2015/12/07: Mozhgan Mohammadpour The synchrosqueeze algorithm
  • 2015/12/14: Mashall Aryan

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