Weekly CaSP Meeting Dates and Featured Speakers

Anybody is welcome to attend, but attendees are also expected to contribute presentations. All meetings are in CO350 at 14:00 am except if announced differently. (Bookings for CO350)

Recent and Upcoming Talks

  • 2014/12/01: Saqib Saleem Assessment of Cerebral Autoregulation
  • 2014/12/08: Jawad Mirza Multicell MIMO systems with limited feedback
  • 2014/12/15: Jan Pastircak Spectrum trading in dynamic spectrum access networks
  • 2015/01/26: Lakshmi Krishnan The dual augmented Lagrangian
  • 2015/02/02: Matthew O'Connor Distributed Processing with Applications in Beamforming
  • 2015/02/09: Bastiaan Kleijn Kernels
  • 2015/02/16: Callum Neil Deployment Issues for Massive MIMO Systems
  • 2015/02/23: Craig Anderson Real-time optimization of a robust beamformer
  • 2015/03/02: Refik Ustok Optimized transceivers for multi-cellular downlink systems
  • 2015/03/09: Muhammad Ghifary Scatter Component Analysis for Domain Adaptation
  • 2015/03/16: Harsh Tataria Small Cells in 5G Wireless Systems
  • 2015/03/23: Kelson Chua Kernel Independent Component Analysis
  • 2015/03/30: Terence Betlehem 2.5D sound reproduction in a reverberant room
  • 2015/04/06: University holidays
  • 2015/04/13: Steven Van Kuyk Speech Intelligibility from an Information Theoretical Perspective
  • 2014/04/17 Shoichi Koyama: Sound Field Recording and Reproduction
  • 2015/04/29 Richard Hendriks Intelligibility of speech
  • 2015/05/04: Paul Teal Progress on the SIFEM cochlear modelling project
  • 2015/05/11: Saqib Saleem Effects of physiological mechanisms on blood flow regulation
  • 2015/05/18: Jan Pastircak Eigenvalue-based spectrum sensing techniques for cognitive radio
  • 2015/05/25: Lakshmi Krishnan A Statistically Robust Formulation for Acoustic Impulse Response Shaping
  • 2015/06/08: Rajiv Pratap Aperiodic Low Correlation Codes
  • 2015/06/15: David Balduzzi Value gradients for deep reinforcement learning
  • 2015/06/22: Craig Anderson Slightly More Realistic Near-field Beamforming

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