Intelligent Systems, Machine Learning, and AI

The "AI group" is a loose affiliation of staff who are spread across the ECS faculty as well as Maths.

Machine Learning discussion series

The Festival of Doubt is our informal discussion series.

AI Courses at Victoria

COMP 307: Introduction to AI
COMP 309: Machine Learning Tools and Techniques COMP 421: Machine Learning
COMP 422: Data mining, neural nets, and genetic programming
COMP 423: Intelligent agents

Staff with AI research interests

PeterAndreae.jpg A/Prof Peter Andreae
  • planning and learning to act from examples
  • clustering
WillBrowne.jpg A/Prof Will Browne
  • Cognitive Robotics
  • Learning Classifier Systems
marcus head.jpg A/Prof Marcus Frean
  • machine learning, deep nets, unsupervised learning
  • complex adaptive systems and evolution
ChristopherHollitt.jpg Dr Christopher Hollitt
  • robotic control
  • visual attention and tracking
BastiaanKleijn.jpg Prof Bastiaan Kleijn
  • speech processing
  • machine learning
YiMei.jpg Dr Yi Mei
  • scheduling
  • evolutionary computation
XiaoyingGao.jpg Dr Xiaoying Sharon Gao
  • web intelligence
  • machine learning
BingXue.jpg Dr Bing Xue
  • evolutionary computation
MengjieZhang.jpg Prof Mengjie Zhang - See also ECRG
  • data mining
  • evolutionary computation
  • computer vision

Post-Graduate Students (current)

Student topic degree supervisor
Nicolas Desprès (late 2016) Deep recurrent nets PhD Marcus Frean and Dr. David Balduzzi (Maths)
Elisenda Ortiz (mid 2016) The emergence of trusted exchange PhD Marcus Frean and Prof Stephen Marsland (Massey)
Mashall Aryan Small Data PhD Marcus Frean and John Lewis
Bianca Grizhar Building beliefs PhD Marcus Frean and Mike Donn (School of Architecture)
Tony Butler-Yeoman Broad nets MSc Marcus Frean with Prof Stephen Marsland (Massey)
Arindam Bhakta Active vision PhD Marcus Frean, Chris Hollitt, Will Browne
Mona Hakami Automatic categorisation of transmitted speech quality PhD Bastiaan Kleijn, Marcus Frean
Fabian Labra-Sprohnle The Dynamic Patterns of Thinking in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) PhD Marcus Frean, with Prof. Paul Teesdale-Spittle (Biology) and Dr. Ivy Liu (Stats)

See also - Completed graduate theses