Presentation readings

Please select one paper from the following list for your presentation:

Web Services:
  1. State of the Practice in Service Identification for SOA Migration in Industry
  2. ATLAS: A World-Wide Travel Assistant Exploiting Service-Based Adaptive Technologies (take by Will and David)
  3. How Web Services Can Be Tolerant to Intruders through Diversification (taken by Juan, Qiangqiang, and Xingchen)
  4. A Scalable and Approximate Mechanism for Web Service Composition (suitable for implementation based essay)
  5. Transparent Web Service Auditing via Network Provenance Functions
  6. How Amazon web services uses formal methods (take by Carl and Tomas)
  7. Design and Analysis of Benchmarking Experiments for Distributed Internet Services
Web Data Management:
  1. Engineering Scalable, Secure, Multi-Tenant Cloud for Healthcare Data
  2. An Empirical Study of Web Cookies
  3. Security Implications of Redirection Trail in Popular Websites Worldwide
  4. Disinformation on the Web: Impact, Characteristics, and Detection of Wikipedia Hoaxes (taken by Yi Sian, Arnold, Ana)
  5. Apache Spark: A unified engine for big data processing (taken by Kristen and Shaun)
  6. evolution of structured data on the web
  7. ACIDRain: Concurrency-Related Attacks on Database-Backed Web Applications (taken by Andrew Thompson, Daniel Young, Maegan Kennedy)
  8. Big Data technologies: A survey (taken by James, Thomas and Chintan)
  9. Big Data for Supporting Low-Carbon Road Transport Policies in Europe: Applications, Challenges and Opportunities (taken byJingjing, Chengyue, and Lutian)
NoSQL Databases:
  1. Monkey: Optimal Navigable Key-Value Store
  2. Have Your Data and Query It Too: From Key-Value Caching to Big Data Management
  3. Closing the Functional and Performance Gap between SQL and NoSQL (Srijith, Gurpreet, and Boon)
  4. MongoDB Atlas Database as a Service - The popular NoSQL Document Store (taken by Ashish Raj, Jasna Joseph, Babeesh Cherukutty)
  5. Cassandra - The NoSQL Column Store used by Facebook also here (taken by Sean Stevenson & Alex Mitchell)
  6. What's Really New with NewSQL?
Cloud Data Management:
  1. Location-aware brokering for consumers in multi-cloud computing environments (suitable for implementation based essay)
  2. How to Supercharge the Amazon T2: Observations and Suggestions (taken by Callen and Harry)
  3. Cloud Strife: Expanding the Horizons of Cloud Gaming Services (taken by Yingliang and Man Wui)
  4. Scheduling Human Intelligence Tasks in Multi-Tenant Crowd-Powered Systems
  5. Usage Patterns and the Economics of the Public Cloud (taken by Kun Huangand and Daniel Kahu)
  6. Performance Monitoring and Root Cause Analysis for Cloud-hosted Web Applications
  7. Not for the Timid: On the Impact of Aggressive Over-booking in the Cloud
  8. DBaaS Cloud Capacity Planning - Accounting for Dynamic RDBMS System that Employ Clustering and Standby Architectures
Note: If you want to choose another quality assured research paper published within the last 5 year please talk to the course coordinator for approval.